Getting up at the right time sets the tone for the entire day. Alarm clocks wake us up every morning and have for decades.

Rather than buzzing or making a loud noise like a wake-up call, most traditional alarm clocks are now smart ones that do more than what we expect from them.

The best smart alarm clocks come with built-in speakers (along with content to play), a multi-color display, visual stimulus, charging capabilities, and other engaging features. Thus, you can get smart alarm clocks that do more than wake you up.

Here are the best smart alarm clocks available today.

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The Loftie smart alarm clock leaves you with no excuse to use your cellphone in bed and disturb your sleep with all the blue light being bombarded at you from your phone. This alarm clock is packed with everything you need, from a two-phase alarm to Bluetooth speakers. Listening to podcasts, books, or natural sounds can help you doze off quickly.

To ensure you do not need your phone for it, the Loftie comes packed with wellness content. It includes breathwork, sound baths, guided meditation, and natural soundscapes. And that's just scratching the surface. You can even download whatever you want to make your customized playlists.

The clock's screen brightens down as the night proceeds to maintain a peaceful sleeping environment. An adjustable, built-in warm glow light is available for individuals that like to sleep with dim lights. If you don't, press down the button, and it will go away. The two-phase alarm wakes you up gradually – first with a gentle tone and then with a loud one to get you out of bed. You can also customize the alarm tone, volume, and duration of each phase to your liking.

This smart clock connects to a smartphone via an application that can be used to set up alarms and modify the settings. And the app is compatible with both iOS and Android, so no worries there. On top of all this, the minimalistic yet elegant design of the alarm clock makes a lovely decor piece as well.

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The Hatch Restore smart alarm clock is the ultimate device to help you get a peaceful night's sleep. It isn't just an alarm clock but an all-in-one kind of product designed to help adults with their sleep. Features like meditation guidance, reading lights, and creeping sunrise certainly make for a stimulating sleep experience.

Although it works for everyone, individuals who never hear their alarms go off can get the most from it. Hatch uses two elements to wake you up – sound and light. When the alarm goes off, a combination of graduated lights mimics the sunrise while the sound compels you to open your eyes. A gradual yet effective technique offers that refreshing feeling when you wake up.

Besides that, these graduated lights can glow a gradient of colors. Combine it with the audio library, and you can set up the ambiance of your choice. It will help you meditate, focus, and relax whenever you want. With Hatch's library, you can personalize a sleep-wake routine for better sleep. You can customize what you want to listen to before (and after) dozing off in bed.

For this routine, you can pick from various content, including books, podcasts, and music loops. The best part? The library keeps on updating to provide you with newer content.

Controls have been made extremely easy, so even the tech-naïve individuals can use them with ease. You have the controls right at the top to start or stop the sleeping routine. Tap it to start the routine and hold it to stop. Volume and brightness controls are on the sides, also simple to operate. Smartphone applications can also be used to play with the controls.

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The KAJURY Wi-Fi kids alarm is an absolute gift for parents with kids that have terrible sleep-wake routines. It is essentially a sleep guide that teaches kids about bedtimes using exciting visuals and sounds. The built-in expressions and colors in the clock influence the kids in setting up their sleep and awakening time. Parents can customize the clock's screen using these expressions and colors.

When they approach bedtime, kids see a change in expression and are greeted by a smiling face upon waking up. Besides these, you can also choose between various lighting and sound effects. Application to control the clock is compatible with both iOS and Android. Parents can use the application to set up alarms and customize the clock even when they are not home.

You can connect it with an Alexa device to enable the voice controls. A child lock is also available to prevent the curious kids from accidentally changing the settings. The alarm clock is housed in an amusing mouse body, making the kids fall in love. Fortunately, it is also durable enough to withstand the abuse children will throw at it. And on top of all that, the price tag that comes with it is very affordable.

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Visual stimulus is just as important as audio signals to wake our minds up. And Dekala Sunrise ensures that our mind gets both of them. The alarm wakes you up with a natural sound while simulating sunrise through the built-in lights. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping with the sunlight coming to your face. Wouldn't it be refreshing? The Best Smart Alarm Clocks

And if you are not into natural sounds, you can select one from various musical instruments. You can even add the VOA FM clock as the sleeping or the waking up aid in the clock. The best part is that it helps you wake up and induces sleep. The lights can also mimic the sunset, and the sounds can lull you to sleep.

To top it all, you also have the liberty to customize the volume, brightness, and sounds as per your likings. Snoozing can provide an extra five to 18 minutes for heavy sleepers, but it only works five times. Furthermore, the clock is compatible with several smart assistants, including Alexa, Google, and Smart life. And even if you do not own either of these, it is not a problem as the controls can be easily managed with a touch of a finger on your smartphone.

You can charge your smartphone with a 5V/2A USB output coming out of the clock. Besides that, it is one of the most elegant-looking alarm devices on the market. It'll surely compliment the interior design of your bedroom.

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The Echo Dot combines smart speakers with a smart clock and Alexa, making for a fantastic device. From telling jokes to guarding your house, this device does it all. The digital time display is not too big but large enough to be read from a distance. And like other smart devices, it does not need to be adjusted manually after initial set up.

All it takes to set up the alarm is a voice command. You can personalize the alarm tone and volume however you want. The Echo Dot also uses both sound and visual stimuli to wake you up. While it does not simulate the sunrise or sunset, it does blink as the alarm goes off. And that blinking of lights coupled with a sound alarm is enough to wake you up.

You can use the digital assistant to control all the other devices in your household. You can task it to adjust the thermostat and lock doors, amongst other things. But the best of all such features is Alexa Guard. Alexa Guard gives you mobile alerts when it detects the sound of a smoke alarm, glass breaking, or any unusual noise for that matter. As soon as it sees something unusual, it sends a notification to your smartphone without any additional charges.

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The Reason One smart alarm clock is one of the most innovative alarms available on the market. It is partly because it comes with a pre-built Alexa voice assistant. And using this assistance, users can operate all the other smart devices at home. One cannot help to appreciate the large, easy-to-read digital time display as it truly is a rarity in smart clocks.

Once you set up the clock, it does not need further adjustments as it automatically synchronizes itself with the internet server. The clock detects the ambient light and changes its brightness accordingly. Night mode allows you to select the "no clock display" so the light coming out of it does not disturb your sleep. You can also keep the brightness at a fixed level if you prefer.

You can customize it however you want. Integration of Alexa opens a plethora of options that you can explore: You can set up a sleep-wake-up routine with the audios of your choice. Ask Alexa for the weather forecast, news, or calendar when you wake up. It saves time and makes life a lot easier.

Like other features, the quality of the speakers on this device is quite decent. Listening to music on Amazon, TuneIn, and other services certainly makes for a pleasant experience. Although you would not need it, the control buttons, or should we say button, is pretty simple. The multipurpose button at the top can stop or start the voice command, cancel the alarm, or mute/unmute the microphone.

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As the name suggests, the Sunrise Alarm Clock is a smart clock that simulates sunrise and sunset. Users can set up four different alarms, edited using a mobile application. It is also compatible with Alexa, enabling voice command if you already have a digital assistant.

Before the alarm goes off, the screen glows red, which gradually turns yellow, mimicking the sunrise. You can also pick from some other colors as well. Brightness can also be customized with a maximum of 200 lux. You can also select the 'random' option, where the lights and alarm sound change automatically.

The alarm has three kinds of natural sounds and the FM radio to help you fall asleep. In addition, you also use the same lights to mimic the sunset. The clock display is also manageable, either dimmed or entirely turned off to help you fall asleep. It also features a USB output which can be used to charge the cell phone. And the outport works just as well, if not better than a fast-charging adapter.

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The feature that makes an alarm clock is the battery life. If it is a plug-and-play clock and the power goes out, the alarm would not go off, rendering the clock useless. Therefore, always choose an alarm clock with good battery life.

Research suggests that light can help prepare the body to wake up. Light plays a vital part in our circadian cycle and releases melatonin - a hormone that induces sleep. As the body senses light, it stops melatonin production, which helps our body wake up. So, having wake-up lights is a bonus feature to have in your alarm clock.

Loud alarm triggers our bodies' sympathetic system, which stimulates the release of adrenaline. The adrenaline consequently acts at our heart and makes it beat faster. With the alarm clocks listed above, you can adjust the volume and the music/sound according to your liking.

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