Choosing the right shower head for your bathroom is easy as long as you know what your needs are and what your bathroom is capable of providing. Rail shower heads may be the perfect type for you. A simple fixed shower head may be suitable for your bathroom. Read more to know about the proper approach to choosing the shower head for you.


How to Choose Shower Head  



Are You Replacing Your Current Shower Head?


Before thinking of replacing your shower head, you may want to clean the unit first. It may just have clogged nozzles but with the right cleaning and maintenance, your shower head can be reused.


But if the shower head really needs to be replaced, it is easier for you to buy the exact one that you have to avoid incurring additional costs.


What are Your Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Shower Head


Now that you have truly decided on buying a shower head, here are the basic considerations when buying a shower head for your bathroom.


Filter or no filter


The source of water varies in different cities and towns. Some have capable water supply systems that filter and clean the water before it reaches the homes. These areas relatively do not need filters. That is unless you want to remove some minerals in the water that is unsafe for you.


On the other hand, some places do not have a centralized supply of water. The houses that are located in these areas have their own water pumps and tanks. The problem with the water supply is that some contain hard minerals which are harmful to the skin and hair. These houses should get shower heads with built-in filters.


Take note, though, that filters should be replaced within four to six months depending on your number of shower use.


How to Choose Shower Head  


Type of Mount


You have two options on the type of mount. You either put the shower head on the ceiling or on the wall. Rainfall shower heads are usually installed on the ceiling. Other types of shower heads like fixed shower heads or rail shower heads are installed on the wall.


Spray Pattern


The decision on this is solely based on preference. Do you want high-pressure or massage showers or a low-flow showerhead? Do you prefer big drops of water or jet spray patterns? Choose the right shower head that produces the type of spray patterns that you like when taking a bath.


Type of Shower Head


The types of shower heads available are fixed, rain, handheld, dual, or panel. The fixed shower head is the basic angled unit that you can install in your bathroom. Rain shower heads mimic the water drops that are produced by real rain.


Handheld units, as the name implies, can be pulled out from its holder so that it can be used even when sitting down. Dual shower heads have a fixed unit and a handheld unit. A shower panel is the most advanced type of shower head in terms of technology. It usually has sprays that target the hip, knees, and shoulders. The direction and angles can be adjusted so that it suits the user of the shower head.




The shower head is the most crucial part of the shower room because this is where the water comes out and reaches your body. The type of shower head that you should pick for your bathroom depends on your needs. If you have the budget, you should get rail shower heads with the most features for your convenience. Ultimately, you will not get all features on one shower head but you can assess your options and pick the best one according to your essential necessities.