New Orleans (La.) Isidore Newman five-star quarterbackArch Manningwill Georgia this weekend (March 19) and Texas on March 24, his family tells 247Sports. The 247Sports Composite’s No. 1 recruit in the 2023 class visited both schools last summer and then returned for games during the fall.

“He’s excited to watch practice, he’s excited to watch meetings,” Isidore Newman head coach Nelson Stewart said. “Really get a chance now that the pandemic has really passed to get in the weeds and watch how they coach and watch what they do and get a feel for the staff and organization of it. He’s most excited to watch practice. That’s what it’s about. That’s what he enjoys most about the game. He’s a meat and potatoes kid, it’s a work visit as much as anything and he wants to get into the quarterback room and see how it works.”

Besides the Bulldogs and Longhorns, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound Manning is also considering Alabama, Florida, LSU and Ole Miss.

Arch Manning locks in return visits to Georgia and Texas

“Georgia he’s gotten to know Coach (Todd) Monken really well,” Stewart said. “I think Coach Monken has done a really good job with this recruitment. Obviously what they did with their offense, and all of them came down to watch him play basketball, I think he has a good relationship with the staff. I think he enjoyed the players. It’s a great opportunity for him to low-key go there and watch what made them great. They do a good job with pro-style, that’w what Coach Monken does and he’s excited. This will be a great chance for he and his dad to check out Athens and look at it in a different light. It’s nice where it’s not a Saturday and a game and those camera. This to me is when I think the real authentic recruiting is done and you get to really see what it’s like out at practice. He’ll be able to experience what being a player at Georgia is all about.”

Manning is excited to continue growing his relationship and connection with Texas as well.

“From the jump Coach Sark has been on him, he was the first head coach that came through in the spring as well,” Stewart said. “He’s done a great job consistently building that relationship. So much enthusiasm around their program.AJ Milweeand Sark both have done a great job authentically developing that relationship and checking in with him and they’re really excited about what’s going on around there. That new facility, all those young players, excited about their offensive line. He wants to get a look at it in a different light. This is his chance to be a recruit but watch how they work and interact with the players. They were one of the earliest ones on him, they’ve been incredibly persistent and it unfolded naturally. I think it’s the same with Georgia and Texas.”

These are the first two visits since the fall for Manning, who played out the rest of his football season and then the basketball campaign before getting back on the road. Manning wants to knock out these next wave of visits before his own spring practice begins in May.

Manning will be a four-year starter and heads into his senior season having thrown for 6.307 yards and 81 touchdowns with another 749 yards rushing and 19 more scores.

“He’s in a great spot,” Stewart said. “He’s worked real hard in the weight room. He’s working with all our offensive coaches. Awesome kid to coach. We’re excited to watch him throw it around in May for sure.”