Google Home’s upcoming 2.49 update makes controlling your smart devices easier thanks to a redesign that puts everything on a single screen.

Google Home is getting a fresh new look in its next update

As spotted by 9to5Google, the redesign of Google Home resembles the device control panel from Android 11 and beyond, which gives users more intuitive and familiar controls than the scores of menus and submenus present before.

Just as you have been able to before, Google Home’s 2.49 update will allow you to control your music playback, adjust your compatible lights, and turn on or off your devices, albeit now with fewer taps required for each function.

As Google explains in the patch notes for this update, the redesigned look should help you “quickly find what you’re looking for,” as you can now “tap to turn a device on or off, slide left or right to make adjustments, and long press for more controls.”

Mishaal Rahman@MishaalRahmanSideloaded Google Home 2.49 and enabled the new UI. I quite like it - makes controlling your smart home devices much easier, similar to the device controls interface. PM · Mar 15, 2022 76 4

Unfortunately for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the new look of the Google Home app, you might have to wait a “few weeks,” until the update is completely rolled out and officially available to all users. Until then, it is technically possible to sideload the version of the app, however, that doesn’t enable the new look by default, so it might just be best to wait.

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