Most smart locks provide two or three options for you to unlock the door or allow guests into your home. There is the standard app and voice commands if you have a smart speaker paired with your smart lock. And you can use codes if the smart lock has a keypad or touchscreen. But very few smart locks combine all these options along with a touch entry. One company which does isLevel Home Inc. and they introduced today Level Keypad , a new smart device to work with their line of invisible smart locks to provide that extra way to access your smart home.

The Level Keypad offers homeowners and their guests a convenient and phone-free way to access the home. It uses a Bluetooth 5.0 LE wireless connection to pair with any Level invisible smart locks within 30 feet of the door. This long range allows you flexibility when looking for a good place to mount the keypad to help preserve the entryway design without adding bulk.

Level Keypad works on a Bluetooth connection within 30 feet of your Level invisible smart lock.Level Home

Today’s homeowners need to welcome a variety of people into the home including family, friends, short-term renters, dog walkers, childcare providers, and other professional services. With a wireless, LED-backlit waterproof enclosure, Level Keypad brings the convenience of key-free access and lets homeowners create shareable key codes so they can welcome anyone they trust into their home.

“Whether you want to give your kids an easy way to come home from school or need to give recurring access to your dog walker, Level Keypad offers another intuitive way to welcome people into your home,” said Alyssa Berman-Waugh, VP of Marketing, Level. “Designed to be installed anywhere near your lock, Level Keypad gives you the freedom to mount it discreetly and maintain the clean look of your entryway. It’s a powerful addition to the Level smart home collection, offering a modern take on familiar behavior for homeowners and guests alike.”

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What works with Apple Homekit

With the addition of Level Keypad, residents and visitors can let themselves in through touch, auto-unlock, key codes, app, and voice. Additional features include:

Level KeypadLevel Home

Level Keypad is available to order on for $79 or offered at $59 when purchased with a Level Bolt, Level Lock, Level Lock - Touch Edition, and Level Expressions. For more information, please visit:

GearBrain has tested Level’s invisible smart locks, Level Touch and Level Bolt. From what we have seen so far, the Level Keypad reminds us of the August Keypad which August Home uses still today as a keypad for their smart locks and Yale Smart Delivery Box. However, the August Keypad battery does not last as long as Level Keypad’s battery and their designs differ greatly. August Keypad’s battery lasts only three months while Level Keypad gives you 2 years of battery life. And the August Keypad is much smaller in design and doesn’t have backlights which Level Keypad offers. But the real difference we think is the range of connectivity. August Keypad works within a 15-foot range while Level Keypad can connect within 30 feet of the smart lock.

Overall, the Level Keypad is a nice addition to the Level Home family of smart devices, and we look forward to testing it on a real home with a Level Touch or Bolt to see if it lives up to its potential. We think it will so be on the lookout for our review soon.

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