If you're looking for a smart and futuristic way to protect your home from unwelcome guests, take a look at the Goji Smart Lock, an electronic deadbolt that uses wireless and image technology to keep away intruders.

Smart Home Goji Smart Lock promises to keep your house safer

The Goji Smart Lock comes with a built-in camera so you can see who's at your door whether you're at home or half the world away. The 1-megapixel in-built camera also takes shots of anyone activating the lock and sends this image as picture alert via the Goji App so homeowners do not have to guess who's getting in and out of their home while they 're away.

If you always find yourself looking for misplaced keys, the smart lock provides you with a convenient reason to ditch your traditional keys. With your Android or iOS smartphone, you can lock or unlock your home and even grant and revoke time-specific access privileges to your friends who are coming to your house earlier than you would be able to personally open the doors of your home. You do not also need to get down the stairs or be home whenever somebody knocks on your door because you can control the lock remotely.

The Goji Lock also features a LED screen that recognizes users based on their devices. The model showcased at the CES event ongoing in Las Vegas this week displayed "Welcome John" but users have the option to input their names in. What if something happens to your phone? Goji says it has customer service representatives available 24/7 to help you lock or unlock your home in case something happens to your phone. The company can also send a certified locksmith for installation and repairs.

The Goji Smart Lock is available for pre-order online at $278 and will ship in March. It will also be available at Staples and other retail outlets for $299. "Goji joins our category of 'safety and monitoring' products that can be controlled through our Staples Connect Hub," said Peter Gerstberger, Director/DMM of New Business Development at Staples. "Staples customers will appreciate the many extra features the Goji Smart Lock offers-especially the picture alerts-to help them feel more confident and secure knowing who's coming and going from their home or office."