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A killer grooming routine is an essential part of any man’s day, not only to help you look your best but also to help you step into your inner confidence. Unsure of what items to add to your routine this year? Read on to discover the best men’s grooming products of 2022!

What is a Proper Grooming Routine?

If you’re a low-key guy who likes to keep it simple, you probably haven’t given much thought to your grooming routine. Well, if you haven’t gotten your grooming schedule down yet, now is the time to start! Here are all the steps that should make it into your daily regimen.

1. Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer

The best of nature comes together in this product from Blu Atlas to make the ultimate face moisturizer you simply don’t want to live without. That’s because the blend contains ingredients that boost hydration while also brightening up dull skin and protecting your face from signs of aging.

Mango seed butter, like cocoa butter, forms a protective top layer on your skin, sealing in moisture and conditioning deeply. Then seaweed extract, which is packed to the brim of important nutrients, soothes, softens, and even may help sensitive skin become less reactive. It also strengthens your skin’s natural barrier to protect against irritation and encourage deep hydration. Vitamin C is the anti-aging superhero in this face moisturizer! Its many antioxidants fend off damage to keep your face dewy and youthful.

With an all-natural formula that men love, this face moisturizer from Blu Atlas is sure to earn a place on your bathroom shelf.

2. Blu Atlas Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser

Use the awe-inspiring power of volcanic ash to get a deep, thorough clean whenever you use this all-natural face wash from Blu Atlas. Not only do the tiny particles that make up the ash draw out impurities, but they also soothe the skin and may help keep acne away.

Volcanic ash isn’t the only essential ingredient in this product, however! Each time you splash on this cleanser as part of your daily grooming routine, you deliver a dose of powerful antioxidants that come from pomegranate seed oil. The oil also provides anti-aging benefits, soothes inflammation, reduces the appearance of scars, and leaves you with firmer skin.

This cleanser’s unique cleaning capabilities, combined with powerful natural ingredients that deliver nutrients your skin craves and the ability to balance your face’s pH levels, make this an easy choice for the best men’s grooming products of the year.

3. Blu Atlas Body Wash

Treat your skin to the indulgent nourishing and moisturizing shower experience it deserves with this body wash from Blu Atlas. A silky smooth blend of shea butter glycerides, aloe leaf extract, green tea extract, and sugar cane cleanses your pores and leaves behind healthy, nourished skin in its wake.

This formula is definitely a go-to for those dealing with any kind of skin irritation, as its natural ingredients work together seamlessly to soothe and soften. Plus, the product’s irresistible smell will help you tap into your inner confidence all day long. Think woodsy adventure meets refreshing citrus.

A must-have in any man’s grooming routine!

4. Blu Atlas Shampoo

If you’re tired of the residue that chemical-ridden shampoos leave behind, or you’re just looking to upgrade your hair game, give this shampoo a try. Jojoba protein and aloe vera are behind the soothing, strengthening properties this shampoo provides, and citric acid seals the deal with an extra boost so you can get that glossy hair you’ve only seen in commercials.

The best part about this shampoo, though? Its vegan formula is composed of only natural ingredients and is always free from sulfates and parabens. If you’ve been skeptical of natural products in the past, this one is sure to change your mind.

5. Blu Atlas Conditioner

Once you’ve rinsed off all the Blu Atlas shampoo, it’s time to follow up with a conditioner to ensure a soft, frizz-free head of hair. Glycerin and hydrolyzed barley protein coat damaged hair and help boost its volume while also cutting down on frizz.

Then, the conditioner seals in moisture to restore your hair to its best possible state. There’s no such thing as a bad hair day when you lather your hair in this all-natural formula!

6. Blu Atlas Restorative Eye Stick

Tired of showing up to your early morning work meetings with puffy eyes or dark circles that betray just how little you slept? Wake up your eyes with this restorative eye stick. Plus, the soothing sensation of the cool roller ball on the skin under your eyes is the best pick-me-up you can imagine!

Algae extract works against oxidative stress in your skin to soothe and protect, rose flower water reduces any redness, vitamin C firms, and the caffeine stimulates the skin to get you going in the morning, no matter the night you endured.

7. Blu Atlas Deodorant

You’ve probably heard about the potentially hazardous effects of rubbing aluminum-laced antiperspirant under your arms. Still, you probably are also put off by the idea of using a natural deodorant. Luckily for you, gone are the days of hippy-dippy products that barely mask odor and leave you smelling like incense.

This natural deodorant from Blu Atlas answers the flaws of natural deodorants of the past. An aluminum-free formula tackles the bacteria that cause body odor while also soothing skin and leaving you smelling your best. Users claim that this product has convinced them to only buy natural in the future, thanks to its effectiveness and great smell.

8. Blu Atlas Cologne

Now that you’re showered, cleansed, and moisturized, it’s time to lock in that fresh scent to keep you confident and sexy all day long. Stand out in a mixture of bright bergamot, earthy clary sage, and patchouli–a perfect blend of all the natural elements that make you you.

This fragrance pairs well with any season and occasion and is forward enough to allow you to stop checking how you smell yet subtle enough not to overpower anyone who walks within a few feet of you. Atlantis will be your go-to, your signature scent, your celebration of the adventurous and daring man you are.

9. Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub

As soon as those dry flakes and dull patches show up, it’s time to bring out the scrub. And not just any scrub, but this exfoliating one from Blu Atlas relies on natural ingredients to rid your pores of impurities and leave you with baby-soft skin.

Jojoba heals and soothes skin from the inside out without leaving a greasy film on your face. Bamboo extract strengthens and firms your skin and may even help prevent acne. Then hibiscus extract promotes your skin’s natural elasticity while also delivering antioxidants.

Throw this scrub into your grooming routine and watch as your face takes on a whole new glow!

10. Blu Atlas Aftershave

Immediately after shaving, your skin feels more irritated and sensitive than ever. To soothe and prevent damage, invest in an aftershave that gives your skin the intense hydration it’s craving. This particular aftershave from Blu Atlas is one of the best men’s grooming products of 2022 because of its powerful, straightforward, and all-natural formula.

Rose flower water tackles all that redness that crops up once you’ve put your razor away, and aloe stops inflammation in its tracks. Mentha piperita adds a refreshing scent alone with soothing and anti-microbial properties that will allow you your most comfortable post-shave experience yet.

11. Blu Atlas Shaving Cream

You won’t find any parabens, sulfates, or artificial fragrances in this shaving cream, just pure naturally-derived goodness that means an easy shave with no nicks or cuts. This cream is designed specifically with your needs in mind to stave off inflammation, hydrate your skin as you shave, and nourish all that sensitive skin on your face.

Users claim that switching to this shave cream from their previous go-tos has made a world of difference for their skin and shaving experience. Find out if you agree!

12. Blu Atlas Vitamin C Serum

Whether you’re hoping to stay young and fresh-faced for as long as possible, or you’re just looking to even out your skin town to boost your confidence, you’ll want to add this vitamin C serum to your regimen. Simply apply a couple of drops onto a freshly cleansed face and notice how dark spots fade over time.

37 Best Men’s Grooming Products of 2022

Along with vitamin C, which provides firming and antioxidant capabilities to the formula, you’ll find aloe leaf extract in here for deep conditioning, glycerin for hydration, tangerine oil to fight off bacteria and fungus, and vitamin E for its serious anti-inflammatory properties. Think of this as a big green juice for your face.

13. Blu Atlas Face Mask

Pampering isn’t just for the girls! Anyone can benefit from applying a purifying face mask to their skin once in a while, especially if it’s this one from Blu Atlas. Slick on this formula, leave it for 10 or 20 minutes while you watch the game, scroll through social media, and then rinse it off and see the results.

Kaolin clay is the secret ingredient to this formula, as it has unparalleled abilities to draw out impurities from deep within the skin. This is particularly helpful if you suffer from frequent breakouts, as it will prevent the excess production of sebum and help clear out your pores before buildup becomes a problem.

Charcoal assists the clay in cleansing and purifying your skin, and grapeseed oil is prized for its ability to improve skin’s elasticity. Goji berries, those thin, red fruits you may have seen in smoothie bowls, blur out hyperpigmentation to leave your skin even throughout. Then microalgae come in to deliver nutrients while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This mask provides an indulgent experience your skin surely deserves!

14. Harry’s 6-Blade Razor Set

With all the work you put into maintaining the perfect facial hair, you absolutely must have the right tools. One of those tools is this razor from Harry’s, which results from German production and provides a reliable shave with durable, sharp blades.

Harry’s is a men’s grooming company that designs its products with the everyday man in mind. This means focusing on high-quality products that work well and last forever while also keeping prices honest. That’s how you know you’re getting great value out of every purchase.

Plus, 1% of sales go to nonprofits that help men access mental health resources they need so that you can feel good about your purchase for a few different reasons.

15. Fatboy Perfect Putty

If you’re a gel or mousse user, this product from Fatboy may just convert you to full-time putty use. That’s because the texture of this putty is ideal for providing extra shape and texture to your hair while allowing you full control over its style. For those of you with rebellious heads of hair, you know how hard that is to come by!

Kaolin clay is behind this putty’s texture, which allows you more grip as you style. It goes on with a matte finish, so you don’t have to worry about looking greasy, but it also provides just the right amount of hold. And the green tea scent is clean and fresh.

Fatboy was developed by the members of a band, who had to come up with products that would keep their hair in place on stage throughout an entire guitar riff or energetic song. Now, the brand’s products are used by professional stylists and loved by many.

16. Honest Amish Beard Balm

Honest Amish is so confident in the power of this beard balm that they claim they’ll refund you if you find one that’s better. Considering that this product is made by the Amish (who have been professional beard maintainers for centuries), it makes sense that this is the best beard product around.

Organic cocoa butter helps soften strands while lavender oil promotes growth, cinnamon leaf oil stimulates circulation, natural organic nut and jojoba oils condition, and apricot oil gets rid of dryness for good. Not only does this balm tackle any dryness or damage in your beard, but it also helps soothe and heal your skin, making it easily one of the best men’s grooming products of 2022.

17. Lumin Repair Face Mask

Just because staying hydrated throughout your busy day isn’t your strong suit doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer because of it. Well, not when you use this reconditioning face mask from Lumin! The sheet mask is chock-full of ingredients that help relieve your skin of dirt and grime while also strengthening its natural defenses and moisturizing from the inside out.

Hyaluronic acid is the hydration agent in this formula, and parsley extract delivers vitamin C. Licorice root brightens, green tea leaf extract tackles irritation and inflammation, while ginger root extract is proven to even out skin tone. If your face has been looking dry and dull lately, bring it back to life with just 10 minutes of this mask on your face.

Lumin prides itself on incredibly high-quality skincare for men, thanks to consultations with experts and a little secret knowledge handed over from Korea. Top-of-the-line ingredients in innovative formulas bring you excellent skincare.

18. Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter

If your idea of a great shave is a smooth and easy glide, give this shave butter a try. The creamy formula doesn’t lather like other shaving products but rather moisturizes your skin in preparation for a shave, leaving an almost invisible level of product on the surface so you can see every contour.

Glycerin and natural oils provide hydration while oat kernel extract fights redness and inflammation, papaya fruit extract acts as a natural exfoliant, aloe soothes, and pineapple sloughs off old skin while also combating inflammation and microbes.

If you haven’t subscribed to Dollar Shave Club Yet, take this as a sign you should. Start with a quick quiz that matches you with products attuned to your needs, then sign up for regular deliveries that bring top-notch shave products right to your door.

19. Native Unscented Body Wash

While scented body washes can help you feel clean all day long, men with sensitive skin may want to go for a gentler product, like this unscented body wash from Native. Don’t worry, you still get that luxurious experience of lathering up and then getting out of the shower feeling soft and smooth, just without all the fuss of an added fragrance.

Natural ingredients are to thank for this effect, like coconut oil for hydration and citric acid for pH balance. Coconut-derived surfactants ensure a natural deep clean, so you don’t even need to worry about odor as you go about your day.

Native began with the mission to create effective skincare made only from ingredients you can pronounce and recognize. They’ve now become a cult favorite, making natural deodorants and all kinds of grooming products that go easy on your skin and the environment, too.

20. Freck Eye Jelly

Taking care of the sensitive skin around your eyes is the best way to look after your entire appearance. That’s because this skin is one of the first to reveal aging or the quality of your sleep. Using an eye cream allows you to cut down on the puffiness and dark circles and blur out those wrinkles.

Vitamin K is the brightening agent here, while olive oil sinks in deep to hydrate your skin. Plant collagen strengthens and firms, prickly pear evens out hyperpigmentation, and cactus flower extract helps regenerate skin cells while moisturizing.

21. The Nue Co Forest Lungs​​

Did you know that a fragrance could double as an anti-stress device? Well, at least Forest Lungs can. This innovative formula harnesses the power of olfactory chemistry and cutting-edge technology to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system and instantly reduce stress. It may sound dubious, but 96% of users claim that this product helps calm them down!

Now on to the scent. It begins with woody and smokey notes that bring you to a campfire in the middle of a peaceful forest. It then reveals a clean, citrusy vibe before sinking into earthy notes of vetiver, cedarwood, and patchouli.

The Nue Co is fairly new on the scene, opening up shop in 2017. Their mission is to fix the relationship modern humans have with nature and health, combining scientific discoveries with natural ingredients to create grooming and health products designed to get us back in harmony with the surrounding world.

22. Every Man Jack Aluminum Free Deodorant

Skip the dangerous side effects of aluminum and stick with a natural deodorant that prevents that manly stink you’re prone to while providing a fresh and appealing scent you’ll love. Cotton extract and witch hazel sop up all that sweat that accumulates during the day, lichen fights off bacteria that cause body odor, and essential oils help keep you clean and fresh.

While this vegan, paraben-free formula comes in various scents–sandalwood, citrus, fresh, shea butter, volcanic clay, sea salt, activated charcoal, and even unscented–our favorite is undoubtedly cedarwood. This scent has all the manly, fresh notes of your favorite Axe deodorant without any chemicals.

Every Many Jack has become a favorite among men thanks to the brand’s naturally derived products that go easy on the budget.

23. Brickell Toner​​

With all the products you’re expected to use in one day, and all the time you have to dedicate to grooming, a toner may seem a bit extra. That being said, it’s an important part of the face cleansing process, getting rid of the last impurities your face wash missed while preparing the skin to absorb moisturizer better.

This balancing toner gets the last of grime and buildup out of your pores and helps keep acne away while leaving your skin even and hydrated. Cucumber distillate is a miracle worker for breakout-prone skin, white willow bark soothes, witch hazel protects against damage, and castor oil helps alleviate inflammation.

All of Brickell’s products are made in the USA using quality, naturally-derived ingredients because your skin deserves the best!

24. Redken Brews Daily Shampoo

Shower beer but for your hair? That’s what Redken Brews provides with this lightweight formula that cleans and nourishes without drying out your skin. That’s partially thanks to malt, which is included in the product to deliver protein to your strands and strengthen them at their core. Users also love the shampoo’s light scent and claim it’s the perfect shampoo for daily use.

Redken has been producing salon-quality haircare since 1960! Trust that their years of experience have resulted in tried and tested products.

25. Huron Conditioner

There is no need to resign yourself to a life of frizzy, damaged, dry hair if you give this conditioner a try. Huron has put together a formula that feels lightweight but works like a heavy-duty product to soothe and soften each strand.

Argan oil, aloe, and shea butter work together to soothe your scalp and soften your strands while also improving your hair’s health. Then wheat proteins work with biotin and panthenol to coat each strand in order to boost its volume and leave your hair stronger than ever.

26. Hims Anti-Aging Cream

While there’s no shame in aging, there’s also no shame in trying to combat its effects. One of your best bets at slowing down time is this anti-aging cream for men that lessens the impact of wrinkles while increasing skin elasticity with prescription-strength ingredients.

Tretinoin is one of these ingredients, which stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production to fill in the gaps caused by wrinkles and leave you with firmer, plumper skin. Plus, when you sign up for Hims skincare, you get personalized formulas that tackle issues unique to you!

Hims is a brand dedicated to personalized skincare for men. Their idea is to cut through the age-old stereotypes of men slacking on skincare to provide products that men love.

27. Malin and Goetz Vitamin B5 Lotion

This body lotion from Malin and Goetz may go on smooth and absorb quickly, but it packs as much hydration power as a thick scoop of petroleum jelly, just without all the mess. This moisturizer contains shea butter and vitamin B5 to eliminate that tight, itchy feeling and leave your skin soothed. Fatty acids, honey, and oat provide essential nutrients and calming properties ideal for even the driest or most sensitive skin.

Malin and Goetz strive to provide skincare options for sensitive skin, using high-quality, natural, uncomplicated ingredients in their formulas. Their body wash, and moisturizers are bestsellers, and for a good reason!

28. Hawthorne Cleanser

Are you one of the men out there who washes their face with bar or hand soap then calls it a day? Give that up in lieu of a cleanser from Hawthorne, and you’ll thank us. That’s because these natural face cleansers (tailored to your specific needs after a quick quiz) rely on natural ingredients such as aloe or charcoal to cleanse and hydrate.

29. Rugged and Dapper Lip Balm

You don’t need to discreetly steal your girl’s lip balm when you throw this product from Rugged and Dapper in your pocket. Keeping your lips healthy and free from cracks means swiping on this balm, which is made from natural ingredients such as jojoba and sunflower oil, beeswax, and peppermint oil. Plus, no one will know you ever used lip balm with a matte finish. Your secret is safe with us.

Rugged and Dapper was started by a former construction worker looking for products that would protect his skin from the harsh environment of his job. Now, the brand sells everything from lip balm and cologne to eye cream and candles to help you look and feel your best.

30. Philips Beard, Hair, and Stubble Trimmer

Every man owns clippers to help tame their hair and beard, but not everyone has this comprehensive tool. Get your beard just right, clean up that stubble, keep your hair in check, and even get rid of those nose hairs with this all-in-one tool from Philips.

31. Jack Black Aftershave Cooling Gel

If you’ve been growing that five o’clock shadow but dread the skin irritation that comes from shaving, make this Jack Black product your new best friend. This natural cooling gel turns to aloe to help soothe skin, sage, lavender, and rosemary for both their aromatic and nourishing properties, chamomile to stop redness and balm mint to fight damage from free radicals.

Jack Black has quickly become a favorite cult brand, with its array of natural products that address men’s specific needs.

32. Ursa Major’s Natural Deodorant​​

This natural deodorant has won awards for its absorbency and scent–it’s that good. Natural ingredients like baking soda, kaolin clay, hops, and probiotic enzymes sop up sweat and neutralize odors while aloe soothes, and eucalyptus fights odor-causing bacteria. The scent is cool and refreshing, exactly what you need to get you through an active day.

33. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment

Kiehl’s is a highly acclaimed skincare company known for its trustworthy products produced with science-backed formulas. This eye treatment is a favorite from the brand, using creamy avocado, beta carotene, and shea butter to tackle puffiness and hydrate simultaneously. Give your eyes a second chance to wake up in the morning with a quick dollop of this cream.

34. Soft Services Clearing Clay

Sulfur is beloved by dermatologists for its multi-tasking. Not only does the ingredient have antifungal and antibacterial properties, but it also has the power to soften skin. Men who find bacne crops up often along with breakouts on the face will reap huge benefits from this product that can be used as a daily wash, mask, or spot treatment.

35. Snow At-Home Whitening Kit​​

Dental hygiene is an integral part of your grooming routine! With this easy at-home whitening kit, you can get professional whitening power in a device that plugs into your phone or any other USB. No charging is needed.

Simply coat your teeth in whitening serum, put the tray in your mouth, use the desensitizing serum to protect your gums, and emerge with whiter teeth than you’ve ever had in your life!

36. Jackson Lane Moisturizer

Add this moisturizer to your daily regimen because it checks all the boxes. Ceramides boosts skin cell health, hyaluronic acid hydrates, niacinamide stops moisture from evaporating, and Centella Asiatica fights signs of photo damage.

Plus, even with all these benefits, the formula is non-greasy and goes on matte, so you don’t have to worry about having that shiny look. The container is travel friendly, so bring it on all those quick work trips to keep up with your skin health.

37. Method Men Face Wash

For those budget-conscious men who are looking to take their skincare to the next level without wiping out their bank accounts, there’s this face wash from Method Men. In fact, this product is so good that it won the 2021 Grooming Awards, thanks to a natural blend of cucumber and seaweed that nourishes tired skin and aloe that soothes. Great for men with any type of skin!

Make 2022 your best year yet when you take your grooming routine to the next level with one of these products.

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