The Jewel Store Job is the first heist that Michael and Franklin take on early in GTA 5.

There are multiple approaches you can take - Smart and Loud - and depending on which approach you choose, you will need to choose the right crew members.

This page will cover the best approach and best crew for The Jewel Store Job in GTA 5 - helping you get the most out of the job.

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Smart or Loud? The Jewel Store Job best approach explained

There are two approaches for The Jewel Store Job - Smart and Loud.

GTA 5 The Jewel Store Job best approach, Smart or Loud differences explained

The Smart approach is the best approach for this heist. You will take in more money because you will have less to deal with in the shop.

Here are both approaches in more detail to help you decide:

GTA 5 Jewel Store Job best crew explained

The best crew for this job is Karim Denz (Driver), Gustavo Mota (Gunman), and Rickie Lukens (Hacker):

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How to complete your getaway in The Jewel Store Job

Here are some getaway tips for The Jewel Store Job:

Ultimately, as heists go, The Jewel Store Job is fairly straightforward - which makes sense since it's the first you'll come across.

Whichever route you choose - best of luck completing The Jewel Store Job in GTA 5!

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