Option 1: Add It to Apple Wallet from Health

Starting in iOS 15.0, you can download and store verifiable vaccination and test results in the Health app. Even better, in iOS 15.1 and later, you can keep a verified COVID-19 vaccination card to Wallet for easy access whenever needed.

How To: 4 Ways to Quickly Open and Show Off Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card on Your iPhone

Your vaccination and test results provider has to support the digitally signed verifiable format (SMART Health Cards), so not everyone with a COVID-19 vaccination card can use Apple's official tool to add a pass to Wallet.

There are a few different ways to add the vaccination card to Wallet:

After it's added, you can use the double-click shortcut for the Home or Side button to bring up Wallet, then select your COVID-19 vaccination card.

If you received your COVID-19 vaccine from outside of your provider, like at a grocery store or pharmacy, submit your card to your provider in person or use their mobile or web app (ex. MyChart) to upload a digital copy of your official coronavirus immunity card. Then, wait for them to verify the information and add it to your records. You could then ask for a QR code or link, or you could sync your health records with Apple Health.