Getting a new smartphone is exciting, but transferring all your data from your old device can be a complicated process. It could take you the whole night just to do it, and if you happen to get a new Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10, don't fret because there's a Smart Switch app.

You can use the Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data wirelessly and more

Not exactly a new thing, but the Smart Switch app is eligible and supported on both Apple iOS and Android devices. Similarly to other apps that help to transfer data, Smart Switch moves the entire thing from your old device such as document files, photos, videos, songs, contacts, apps, and even device settings seamlessly.

On top of that, the app also allows you to transfer data with a USB cable, wireless, external storage, or even a PC. Just choose your most preferred method you're comfortable with! It's like moving your brain to another body, you get the picture.

The Smart Switch is part of the #iChanged campaign that has been around since the Galaxy S10 series launch, promoting Samsung's latest innovation such as the Super-Steady video recording, DeX, S Pen and more. For more information about Samsung’s #iChanged campaign, please visit the official webpage right here.

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