Tired of journeying back to bed in the middle of the night with your arms outstretched and waving around like a zombie because you're afraid of bumping into something in the dark? You might want to consider a night light. For $20, the Wyze Night Light kit includes three wireless, battery-powered lights that cast an attractive soft white glow to illuminate dark areas when their integrated sensors detect motion. Meant for indoor use, these small, rectangular lights can be mounted on your wall in minutes without tools, don't take up an outlet, and last up to three months on a charge. When they run low on battery, you can recharge them via USB-C, then pop them right back on their magnetic mounting plates. You can use them individually, or link up to 10 together so they all light up when one detects motion. The lights don't support app or voice control, but that doesn't change the fact that they're an affordable and stress-free nighttime lighting solution.

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Easy Automated Illumination

The Wyze Night Light kit includes three battery-powered, motion-triggered lights, plus easy-pull tape and metal mounting plates to attach them to your wall.

Each white, rectangular Night Light measures 3.2 by 2.0 by 0.6 inches (LHD) and weighs 1.8 ounces. Inside each is a dusk-to-dawn sensor that identifies when it's night, and a passive infrared (PIR) sensor that detects motion within a 110-degree range, up to 18 feet away.

(Photo: Angela Moscaritolo)

When illuminated, they shine light onto your wall from the top and bottom of the device. They put out 4.5 lumens and have a warm white 2,500K color temperature, similar to a candle, to light your way at night without being too bright for sleepy eyes.

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Unlike the Wyze Bulb and Wyze Bulb Color, the Night Light doesn't support app or voice control. But even without app connectivity, you can easily link up to 10 Night Lights located within 100 feet of each other, so when one detects motion, they all turn on.

On the inside, each Night Light features a 300mAh lithium polymer battery, which can be recharged via a USB-C.

Light Your Way

I installed the Wyze Night Lights in just a few minutes, without assistance or tools, with the exception of a tape measure to space them evenly along my hallway wall. You attach a piece of the easy-pull tape to the metal wall-mounting plate, then stick it to the wall at your desired location. Wyze recommends installing the lights about 1.6 to 3.9 feet from the ground.

(Photo: Angela Moscaritolo)

Each Night Light has a built-in magnet, so you simply place it onto the wall mounting plate and you're good to go. In the box, Wyze also includes three adorable animal face stickers you can optionally put on the front of your Night Lights to give them some personality.

Wyze Night Light Review

Stickers to decorate your Night Lights(Photo: Angela Moscaritolo)

On the right side, each Night Light has an Auto/Off/On switch and a USB-C charging port. When switched On, the Night Lights will stay on all the time. When set to Auto, they will only illuminate in dark environments, when the sensor detects motion. Switching them Off turns the lights off and resets the paired network.

To link two or more Night Lights so they all illuminate when one detects motion, just switch them all to Auto mode. In the first 30 seconds, they will enter pairing mode and blink. After 30 seconds, the blinking will stop, and they should be paired. To use a Night Light individually, just switch it to Auto, then wait 30 seconds for pairing mode to end.

On the front right side, each Night Light has a status light that will flash red when the battery is low, and shine solid red when the battery is charging. When the battery is charged, the status light will turn off.

In terms of battery life, Wyze says the Night Light should last up to 128 days when used solo in Auto mode, 85 days when linked with others, or 11 hours when set to always-on mode.

To maximize the battery's lifespan, Wyze recommends charging the Night Light as soon as possible when the status light starts flashing red. When the battery gets low, you can simply pull the Night Light away from the mounting plate like any other magnet, and charge it using a USB-C cord. Wyze says it will fully charge in 1.5 to 2 hours.

There's no USB-C cord in the box, so if you don't already have one, you'll need to purchase one separately. Wyze said it decided not to include a charging cable to "reduce unnecessary waste," since many people already have one at home, and since some people might buy multiple packs of Night Lights. In my experience, you can never have too many charging cables, so I would've preferred that one be included in the box.

To remove the mounting plate from your wall, just pull down on the easy-pull tape tab (like you would a 3M Command strip) and it should detach without leaving a residue.

No More Dark Zones

I installed all three Night Lights in a row on a hallway wall, about 1.75 feet from the ground, which falls within the recommended installation height range. Following the steps outlined above, I had no problem linking the three of them together.

Unlit during the day(Photo: Angela Moscaritolo)

Design-wise, they are fairly unobtrusive, protruding just over a half inch from the wall. During the day, the unlit white rectangles look a bit strange against my otherwise bare pastel mint green wall, but if you're not as nitpicky as me, or if you have white walls, you probably won't mind how they look. Recessed wall lights would obviously look better, but they also cost a lot more.

When illuminated, the lights give off a pleasing warm glow and look quite classy. They're just bright enough to help me safely amble to the kitchen during late-night water runs.

While I put them in my hallway, I can see them being useful in kids' rooms, bathrooms, and along stairway walls.

Lit up at night(Photo: Angela Moscaritolo)

Wyze warns that the motion sensor's effectiveness can be impacted by the ambient temperature, your movement speed, and your body size. In my testing, the Night Lights have worked without issue: They reliably stay off during the day, then automatically turn on as soon as I (or my pitbull Bradley) approach them in the evening.

The linking feature also worked as advertised: When one detects motion and turns on, the others illuminate within seconds. In Auto mode, they stay lit for a short period of time (around 30 seconds), then automatically turn off unless you walk by them again.

Let There Be (Night) Light

If you're sick of tripping over shoes and dog toys during late-night bathroom trips, the Wyze Night Light might be the perfect solution. Each $20 box comes with three motion-triggered warm white wall lights you can use individually in different rooms, or pair together so they all light up when one detects motion. They're easy to install and worked well in testing, automatically lighting up when people and pets approached at night. Long battery life and easy USB-C recharging add to their appeal. They don't support app or voice control, but if you're looking for an affordable, reliable, fuss-free nighttime lighting solution, the Wyze Night Light is hard to beat.

4.0See ItVisit Site at WyzeMSRP $19.99View More

Though short on smart features, the Wyze Night Light is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for automatically illuminating dark areas of your home at night.

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