Are you looking for long-lasting Christmas lights that can be controlled via a smartphone app?

Smart Christmas lights offer the same level of brightness, colors, and versatility when compared to traditional Christmas lights. However, by injecting some smart technology, you'll get a whole new host of features to play with during the festive season.

What's more, these smart lights aren't just for Christmas. You can easily configure their settings to bring a dash of color to any occasion.

From smart string lights for your home or Christmas tree to outdoor smart lights that will dazzle your neighbors, there's a wide selection of smart Christmas lights.

Here are the best smart Christmas lights available to purchase today.

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The Twinkly 250 LED Smart String Lights let you customize your indoor or outdoor decoration in any way you want, like zig-zag, round-about, or straight. It's a true do-it-yourself (DIY) string of lights that you can simply lay down on your Christmas tree or hang outdoors. You don’t need any technicians to help decorate your home, office, restaurant, or any other place.

The smartphone app allows you to map the individual lights in their exact positions. The 3D or 2D map is like a screen of lights. Each of the RGB LED lights are the individual pixels in this screen. Use any preloaded digital effects for the LEDs from the app or create a new one and flaunt your creative imagination.

These long-lasting LED lights should easily offer a service life of more than 30,000 hours. This IoT-enabled smart Christmas lights set supports smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Razer Chroma.

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The Govee 32.8ft Smart LED Strip Lights come with ratings like IP64 water-resistant and ultra-low 12v current. Hence, these are suitable for indoor and outdoor decorations in weather conditions like rainy or snowy days. The low electric current means the product is safe for DIY installation and doesn’t put a huge load on your utility bills.

The 64 zestful scene modes let you create different vibes like sunrise, sunset, candlelight dinners, and many more. Thus, this product adds value to your investment by being useful for many occasions. The smart LED strip lights also come with an array of mics. These mics allow you to sync the strip lights with any party music.

There are multiple built-in programming chips on the strip. Therefore, you can create various sparkling effects for each segment consisting of 15 LED lights. Moreover, get control over your LED strip lights through the Govee Home app or the RF remote controller.

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The XTELARY Smart Fairy Lights come with a built-in timer and brightness adjustment system. You can schedule this string of decorative lights to turn off and on to save energy. You can also control the timer remotely when you’re not at home. The adjustable brightness feature means that you can dim or un-dim these sparkling lights as per your comfort levels.

The remote control comes with 11 different brightness modes. On the other hand, the smartphone app gives you the range of one percent to 100% brightness adjustment option. You can further customize the string light to show just one color as this string of lights contains RGB LEDs. Hence, change the color depending on the mode of occasion.

A set of features like built-in mics, memory chips, and music sync chips enable you to sync the sparkling program to the music you’re playing. You can use any USB-based power source to power the lights like laptops, desktops, power banks, adapters, or even smartphones with OTG cable.

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The Govee Outdoor String Lights set comes with smart RGBW LED bulbs for excellent lighting in the backyard, patio, garden, etc. These LED bulbs come with an IP65 waterproof rating so that you can use the lighting feature in any weather condition like snow or rain. It requires an ultra-low 12v power input. Hence, you save yourself from higher energy bills for lighting. Additionally, the IP65 rating and 12v current make it also safe for DIY installation.

This set of Christmas lighting is the ideal choice because it can also adapt to your smart home ecosystem. It doesn’t matter if you use an Amazon Echo or Google Home, because this product supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Additionally, you can configure the lighting system using the Govee Home smartphone app. The Best Smart Christmas Lights for Indoor or Outdoor Decoration

The length of the light string can cover up to 48 feet length. The mobile app lets you set a lighting timer or dim the brightness if needed. If you need to connect one or two more strings, do that by using the connector tail.

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The Halussoer 66 LED Smart Fairy String Lights let you sync the lighting sequence with the music in your event. The built-in mics and IC chips let you sync lighting from the mobile app or remote control. It only requires a 5v current and a USB port for operation. Therefore, you can install the string of lights on your own without paying anything to a technician.

It also draws less energy so that your lighting decoration doesn’t make you pay more for energy bills. The above-mentioned smart features already make it a value-for-money Christmas lighting product. But, that’s not all! Its RGBIC LEDs can create a rainbow effect on the entire string, thanks to the 16M color feature.

This rainbow effect is perfect for your Christmas tree. You can create multiple shades of colored lighting using the same string of lights.

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The Popotan 33Ft Smart LED Fairy String Lights gives you the freedom of hands-free control through its voice activation feature. It’s an appropriate addition for your smart home for home decoration on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. You should buy this smart lighting system because it offers a set of value-added features.

For example, its built-in mics allow you to sync the lighting effect with any music or voice audio. The 16M color feature gives you the option to switch to warm-colored lights like white or yellow. Its IP45 waterproof rating lets you use the string of lights outdoors, even during a rainy or snowy day.

Further, you can use the mobile app or Alexa voice control to set a lighting schedule according to your choice. You can also change the brightness from zero to 100 percent to create personalized decorative ambients for various occasions.

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The YUNLIGHTS 32.8ft Smart Fairy Lights make occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, weddings, and birthdays extra smart. Disperse the warmth of sparkling lights by syncing the program with the music you like. Its in-built mic and chips make music sync and voice audio sync easier.

It comes with high-quality copper wire for long service life and easy heat dissipation. Its ultra-thin but strong insulated wire ensures DIY installations and shock-proof operation. The lighting function requires only 5v current through the USB port. Hence, you can easily connect the string of lights to any laptop, desktop, smartphone OTG cable, or portable power bank. Further, it consumes a negligible amount of electricity, so that the decorative lighting doesn’t cost you much.

You should buy this smart Christmas lighting product because it supports smart home ecosystems like IFTTT, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. You can also control its lighting features and create customized sparkling designs from the Smart life mobile app. Both Android and iOS device users can get the app from the respective stores for free.

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While buying a set of decorative string lights for Christmas this holiday season, look for easily programmable ones. Also, ensure that you’re buying durable string lights that come with good weatherproofing and anti-shock features.

Smart Christmas lights are the best ones as they offer multiple programming options, smartphone app control, etc. Some of these smart decorative string lights also let you switch them between multi-color to single-color lighting.

You can expect maximum brightness from LED-based smart string lights. These smart Christmas lights also consume the least energy when compared with incandescent bulbs. Moreover, smart lights allow you to program the sparkling schedule and brightness.

You might want to go for smart Christmas lights as they are programmable and energy-efficient. You could power thousands of smart LED string lights without noticing much of an increase in your electricity bill.

Also, look for smartphone app controllable lights so that you can control the sparkling schedule and design remotely. If the product you’re buying also comes with a weather-resistant feature, you can use that on the exterior.

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