Make friends in Mojang's sandbox classic.

David GealogoImage via Mojang

A lot of people in the world today have undoubtedly made friends with those they met in a game. Adding friends in video games is one of the most useful features integrated into most titles, including Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game where collaborations with other players are useful. Ideas for the worlds that can be created in the game could be better if they come from more than one brain. And of course, the camaraderie of establishing connections is just way too nice.

How to add friends in Minecraft for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

With the biggest buildings, structures, sceneries, or even storylines, Minecraft is one of the best examples of games that are best played with others. But be careful with who you add. The risk of meeting toxic individuals online is still there, though Mojang does everything it can to keep the game environment as safe as possible.

Searching for your friend’s gamertag is the only way to add someone in Minecraft. Of course, you’ll first need to know the tag of your friend who you want to add. And that information will only come from him or her. If you’re adventurous enough and willing to add a random gamertag you see on the internet, then it’ll be up to you to find out if that was a smart decision.

You should remember that if you play the Java version of the game for PC, you can only add players who also play on it. That’s how the Bedrock version for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch also works.

To add a friend on Minecraft, you should first have a Microsoft account. This is needed to use the crossplay feature of the game. Playing on console will require you to have an online subscription like Nintendo Switch Online. After that, launch the game on your device and sign in with the Microsoft account you’ll use.

Then, select an existing world or create a new one. Go to the game’s menu and look for the “Invite to Game” option. A screen will appear afterward and choose “Find Cross-Platform Friends.” Now, type your friend’s Minecraft gamertag or ID and select “Add Friend” if you find them.

Remember that if you did not have a good experience with them in the game, you can report them by selecting that option on the same “Add Friend” screen. Choose the friend you want to invite by clicking “Send 1 Invite.”