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Google Assistant Routines can be extremely helpful, whether you are looking to enhance your smart bulbs, save a little time during the day, or are just hoping to set specific habits for your morning ritual. Routines are a series of actions triggered by a single command, and they can be fully customized, including Google's presets. In this guide, we'll show you the best default Google Assistant routines, as well as some fantastic custom routines.

How to use routines

Google Assistant Routines are terrifically easy to use. We've provided a quick guide below, but if you've never used Routines before, here's how to manage, create, and edit Google Assistant routines.


Routines are managed from the Google Home app. Here you can add, modify, and delete routines. You can also see how each routine is triggered, and all the steps involved

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The best default routines

If this is your first time using routines, Google Assistant will run you through a brief setup to confirm things like your work address. While you can modify these routines, all of them should work great from the get-go without modification — though you can customize them.

The "Bedtime" routine

This routine asks you to set an alarm, then mutes your phone.

You can trigger this routine by either saying "Bedtime," "Good Night," or "Time to hit the hay" to your phone.

The "Good Morning" routine

This routine informs you of the weather, your calendar for the day, and any reminders. Trigger this routine by saying "Good morning," "Tell me about my day," or "I'm up"

The "Commuting to work" routine

This routine informs you about your commute, the weather, and your calendar for the day. Trigger this routine by saying "Let's go to work"

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The best custom routines

While Google's default routines work great for everyone, creating a custom routine is where Google Assistant Routines shines. Once you've tried these out, have a go at creating your own!

Turn on your lights at sunset

If you've got smart bulbs, it's easy to set them to turn on at sunset.

Take a break from work

We all need breaks from work, this routine will set your phone to Do Not Disturb then turn it off later, allowing you respite from those pesky Slack messages.

Commuting home

This routine will alert a contact you're on your way home, and start your favorite playlist. The routine is created by Google, but it requires some tweaking. (Remember to change the starter command if you don't want to say "Let's go home")

  • Tap the checkmark button in the top right.
  • Tap + Add action. 4 Images ExpandExpandExpandExpand
  • Tap Communicate and announce.
  • Select Send a text then tap the arrow to the right.
  • Enter the number you wish to send to.
  • Type in your message.
  • Tap Done to return to the action screen.
  • Tap Done to complete adding the action.
  • Tap Save to save your routine. 4 Images ExpandExpandExpandExpand
  • These are our favorite Google Assistant Routines right now, but we'll keep this article updated as we discover new and interesting ways to use this feature.

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