A good smart lock is all about the combination of security and convenience. As great as it is to be able to walk through your front door without having to stop and unlock anything, that's only good if it's actually secure when you're not standing in front of it. And further, if everyone in your house isn't comfortable using their phones to unlock the front door it isn't all that convenient. Eufy makes a great smart lock with a number panel to make locking and unlocking the door easier for everyone, and it's only $130 today.

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Eufy's smart lock is pretty great on it own with Bluetooth, but the Wi-Fi bridge means you can access the lock even when you're not at home. And for those who would prefer not use their phone to control the lock, the keyless entry number pad allows you to set up a number of PIN codes so everyone can access the house however they like. It's a great system, and this deal makes it possible to secure your home for a lot less.

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Protect your home and save 24% with this Eufy security bundle