Smart lights like those from Philips aren’t anything revolutionary in the year 2021, but that doesn’t mean that a company can’t come along and make them smarter. Nanoleaf just unveiled its new line of smart lights simply called Lines. This brand of smart lights is definitely more smart than light.

The new Nanoleaf Lines can be arranged into different shapes

One of the main draws to the Lines is the fact that you can arrange them into multiple shapes. Each Line attaches to a hexagonal connection point, and each point can connect up to six lines. With multiple lines and multiple connection points, you can arrange them into a myriad of different shapes.

The New Nanoleaf Lines Smart Lights Are Pure Magic

They can react to your music and your display

Now, let’s get into the smart features. The new Nanoleaf Lines can actually visualize your music. They have a built-in rhythm music visualizer. This means that when music is playing, and there’s a strong beat, the lights will actually pulse along with it.

These smart lights also come with a nifty screen mirroring feature where it will mimic the colors that are present on the screen. If there are explosions on the screen, then they will glow bright yellow and orange. This technically isn’t exclusive to only the Lines. The Screen Mirroring feature is present on other Nanoleaf products.

This feature will come most in handy if you’re watching a movie, and you have the lights right above your screen. The colors from the lights will add more to the overall mood of the room.

They can sync with your gaming setup

So, your colorful mouse, mousepad, keyboard, and computer case aren’t enough? Well, you can actually add the Lines to your gaming setup. These lights are compatible with Razer’s Chroma Connect Synapse. This means that the colors will flow through your setup and your lights seamlessly.

These smart lights work with smart speakers

The Nanoleaf Lines can be controlled via voice commands with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. There are several commands that you can use to control the lights. You can turn them on/off, adjust the brightness, and adjust the color using the voice commands.

There are also a handful of certain preset moods that you can enable. You can set the lights to lower their brightness and gradually dim themselves over 30 minutes for when you’re trying to go to sleep. There’s also a gentle wake feature that will do the opposite.

If you want to pick these up, they’re currently on pre-order. You get the base kit (9 Lines with 7 connectors) for $199.99, and you can buy 3-Line expansion packs for $69.99. Orders are expected to start shipping in late November.