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Rent the Runway announced a new membership option for its subscribers in March of 2020: the 2 Swaps Membership for $135 per month.

For those familiar with the company's previous membership structure, it's essentially a cheaper, mid-tier option that comes with more restrictions than its unlimited membership, but most of the convenience.

With the new 2 Swaps membership, subscribers can rent eight items per month from RTR, keeping four items at a time and swapping any number of them at any point.

Rent the Runway just launched a new subscription option that lets members rent 8 items per month for 5

The new plan gives members access to the full RTR cloud closet of over 700 designers and 15,000 styles, just like the Unlimited option. You'll be able to order monthly shipments worth up to $5,000 rather than Unlimited's $10,000+, but that may be a very forgivable con for those who aren't superusers maximizing the Unlimited plan.

A breakdown of plan options:

Formerly, RTR offered two subscriptions: Update (four items per month, $89) and Unlimited (four items at a time but unlimited swaps per month, $159). Aside from being renamed, those memberships remain unchanged.

To mitigate shipping delays that eat up valuable paid time, subscribers don't need to wait until RTR receives a returned item before ordering something new — which is the same for its 1 Swap option but not Unlimited Swaps. Instead, subscribers can order a new piece as long as they select what they're returning to open up space — and drop it in the mail after.

Unfortunately, if you already have a different RTR plan and want to switch to 2 Swaps, the company recommends waiting until the end of your billing cycle, returning all your items, canceling your membership, and signing up for the new membership option.

The new membership was a direct response to RTR subscribers who expressed interest in a middle-of-the-road option, and it's reasonable to expect RTR will continue to invest its efforts into improved subscriber offerings. According to the company, RTR's subscriptions account for 75% of its business, and its most engaged subscribers reportedly wear a rental for more than 120 days per year. Since 90% of its subscribers are working women, the company has already started to bulk up its work-ready options.

For now, subscribers can shop its thousands of designer options — from bags and jewelry to cocktail dresses and power suits. And we wouldn't be surprised to see an expansion of perks like drop-off boxes in more WeWork offices and major retailers and its direct in-closet deliveries in hotels in the future.

To find out more about RTR's subscription plans, you can view all the details here.