As the concept of the metaverse enters the mainstream, the desire to have a distinct personal style in the virtual world is more prevalent than ever. This can be seen in many corners of culture, including art and fashion where NFTs such MetaBirkens and the work of RTFKT Studios, which was recently acquired by Nike, have taken off.

Contributing to the intersecting worlds of virtual reality, personal expression and community is the global smart device brand OPPO. In its pursuit to break boundaries in the industry, the company hosts the annual tech event, OPPO INNO DAY, in which its technological achievements are revealed. This year during the event, the brand introduced the virtual playground, INNO WORLD, open to attendees worldwide. The technology company invites attendees into its futuristic universe where it’ll offer interactive and entertaining experiences virtually.

OPPO Introduces the Virtual Playground INNO WORLD

In the same way that we connect with those who have similar interests in the real world, INNO WORLD allows you to do just that but in a virtual setting. In the experience, this begins with your avatar. In INNO WORLD, you are not constricted to the confines of everyday life, allowing for complete freedom of expression through the creation of this alter ego, which can match your day-to-day style or be a complete re-imagination of your identity.

From there, users can build their community as OPPO encourages online networking between guests. Visitors are welcome to chat with one another and create groups so as to keep in touch while exploring the different areas that INNO WORLD has to offer. Guests can also invite real-life friends into the immersive online space and exchange messages with each other.

As INNO WORLD is expected to be the most interactive online launch from the brand in years, it goes far beyond a communication platform. It mimics real-world points of interest, like fashion, art and architecture. Successfully completing quests unlocks new outfits and accessories and other easter eggs can be discovered in places like the Zaha Hadid-designed HQ.

And just as you might meet up with friends for an art exhibition, users are welcomed to explore the four virtual exhibition halls. Within the Imaging Hall, guests will uncover more of the beauty of daily life through dynamic imaging technologies, such as Retractable Camera, Under-screen Camera, and imaging NPU. Within the Renovators Showroom, guests will enjoy the winning art pieces by young artists. And attendees can watch the entire OPPO INNO DAY 2021 and its keynote speeches live from Shenzhen on Central Square.

To see what upcoming technological advancements OPPO is set to make, participate in INNO WORLD. For more information on the virtual event, visit the OPPO website.