Linksys has launched new 5G outdoor and industrial routers with a comprehensive approach to network connections.

The company launched the Linksys FGMM601 5G Outdoor router and FGMM1000 5G Data Transmit Unit (DTU) to help enterprises create digital solutions and provide a flexible approach to the latest hybrid ways of working.

"The demand for computer networking is no longer limited to offices due to the rise of remote or hybrid working methods, with employees who work from home requiring reliable network connections," says Linksys.

However, dispersed work environments and locations often bring challenges to network links and hinder the digital transformation of many enterprises. As 5G networks feature high-speed and low latency technologies, using high-security 5G products to cover household, commercial, and even industrial uses can help address these network challenges.

New Linksys 5G outdoor and industrial routers ready for ultra HD, large-scale IoT, VR , AR, and smart cities

The Linksys FGMM601 5G Outdoor Router supports network connections up to 5Gbps and is rated IP67 in dustproof and waterproof ratings. And the Linksys FGMM1000 5G Data Transmission Unit uses RS485 and RS232 industrial interfaces and is equipped with the Qualcomm SDX55 modem, which conforms to the 3GPP Release 15 compliant specification. It supports 5G Standalone (standalone networking), meaning that 5G networks are used in the core network, and a control panel provides the user interface. It also supports WiFi 6 network, 600Mbps (2.4GHz) and 2.4Gbps (5GHz) frequency.

Both routers support the second phase of the 5G New Radio using the electromagnetic wave frequency of 20~60GHz millimetre wave (mmWave) frequency band. 5G New Radio supports high-speed and large-capacity data transmission, significantly improving network speeds. Its performance can support high-quality wireless communications, preparing for ultra-high-definition multimedia, large-scale IoT, applications of VR and AR, and smart cities in the future. Linksys says it is comparable to optical fibre communications and suitable for areas with dense signals.

"The cloud network management solution allows network administrators to manage distributed network environments anywhere and quickly resolve problems without having to visit the sites," says Linksys Asia business development director, Kingsley Chan. "This helps improve the user experience and reduces costs."

He says while Hong Kong is a global leader in IT infrastructure, older commercial and industrial buildings still fail to provide high-speed internet connections, which limits digital applications.

"When companies implement remote working models, the broadband speeds at employee homes may not be able to cope with remote working needs. In the face of these challenges, 5G networks provide an ideal solution," he says

Linksys recently partnered with the local telecommunications company China Mobile Hong Kong to deploy network solutions at the Hong Kong International Airport, assisting the organisation in building a smart airport. The bureau needed to install many surveillance cameras within the airport, but the traditional technology was limited by wiring, and it encountered several challenges during installation.

The Linksys FGMM1000 5G Data Transmission Unit can replace the cable equipment, providing more options for the location of the new cameras; up to 4K resolution images, guaranteed 30FPS speeds and less than 3 microseconds delay. Staff can now monitor the environment at the airport within the security room almost in real-time.