By integrating Monster Smart Illuminessence lighting products into the Razer Chroma RGB eco-system, gamers, streamers, influencers, and more can transform their spaces with stylish, programmable, customizable, and perfectly synchronized RGB illumination.

Designed to enhance existing in-game play, livestreams, and recorded content, as well as add an extra layer of immersion to streaming movies, TV shows, and music played from a PC, this partnership was galvanized with the commitment to raise the bar of the Razer Chroma lighting eco-system dynamically and dramatically. Furthermore, Monster Smart Illuminessence will offer the largest selection of Razer Chroma-enabled lighting products in the market.

Razer Chroma is the world’s largest lighting eco-system for gaming devices. The brand’s open ecosystem allows partners to connect their devices to Razer Chroma with Razer Synapse, bringing fully customizable, full-spectrum lighting to more gamers. Monster Smart Illuminessence, manufactured by JEM Accessories and developed with Tuya’s IoT technology, integrates with all Razer Chroma-enabled devices to create a larger visual footprint within a home Wi-Fi network. From health statuses, power-ups, and wins, every in-game action, on-screen color, and beat of music can cause lights to react seamlessly in-real time.

By leveraging Tuya’s IoT Development Platform services, Monster has been able to bring its smart products to consumers’ homes more quickly and reliably. The integration with Razer Chroma will extend this offering into so many more households across North America, further realizing Tuya’s and Monster’s collective vision for a more connected future.

With over 16 million colors and endless possibilities for creative expression, all Monster Smart Illuminessence devices are RGB-enabled, Wi-Fi-, app-, and voice-controlled, and designed to breathe color into any environment. The current product line includes:

Monster Smart Illuminessence Products Now Support Razer Chroma Ecosystem

PrismA 3D LED illuminated modular lighting system designed to create stunning triangular structures with customizable lighting effects and patterns.

DigitA 3D LED illuminated modular lighting system designed to create custom shapes, letters and phrases with customizable lighting effects and patterns.

Neon16.4ft/5m and water-resistant, its bendable functionality allows it to fit into any location and be transformed into words and shapes for more creative, unique expressions.

Flex+Designed with a unique memory wire core and a flexible neon housing, the Flex+ fits it to any location to form light into words, shapes, and 3D sculptures.

LED Light Strips6.5ft/2m multicolor LED Light Strips create the perfect background to any location.

Portable Light OrbPortable. Rechargeable up to 8+ hours, create the ideal ambience that reflects your space and mood indoors and out with multi-color lights, dimmable effects and striking “Scenes”.

SmartBulbsPerfect for cozy spaces like bedrooms, offices and living rooms, these RGBW LED light bulbs bring spaces to life to establish the perfect ambiance.

Smart Light BarThe perfect desk companion, the Smart Light Bar can be positioned vertically, horizontally, or even wall mounted to add color anywhere.