I'm always looking for little ways to make my home more comfortable, from a cozy blanket to an air quality-enhancing humidifier, and I want to get comfy without breaking the bank. Luckily, there are tons of comfortable home things on Amazon that will make your space significantly more inviting, and none of them cost more than $35.

40 Things That Make Your Home Significantly More Comfortable For Less Than  On Amazon

Give your bedroom a comfort upgrade with a new set of soft sheets, a memory foam pillow, and insulated blackout curtains that block tons of light and sound to help you sleep better. Make the bathroom cozier with absorbent Egyptian cotton towels and a plush bath mat. In the living room, faux fur pillow covers and a fleece blanket add cuddly softness. There are even products to make a kitchen and home office comfortable and organized while you work. And don't forget your furry friends — they love a fuzzy bed to curl up in, too.

Whether you're shopping for your own home or looking for a thoughtful gift, this list has comfort-enhancing items for every room of the house. Plus, since these picks are budget-friendly, you may be able to buy a few things to make your home the comfiest it's ever been.