Priced at £59.99 (RRP), the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 will make a great Christmas gift as the nights draw in and it gets more tempting to stay wrapped up in your duvet.

From under the covers, you can ask it to play music, podcasts, audiobooks or even a guided meditation, thanks to the built-in Google Assistant functionality. Before you get up, you can check the traffic or weather updates and get a news briefing.

When planning for the following day, you can use the Smart Clock 2 to set reminders or add an event to your schedule. If you like, a “Smart Alarm” feature can even look at your daily tasks for the next day and remind you to set a suitable alarm.

The fabric soft-touch cover is sure to blend seamlessly into your room, and it comes in three colours – blue, grey and black – to match your chosen décor.

If you don’t want to use voice commands, the 4-inch display can be tailored to show the time, local weather or even a selection of family snaps via Google Photos.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is now £34.99, so it's time for an upgrade

As it’s in your bedroom, the smart clock is made with privacy in mind, so there is no camera, and the microphone can be muted via a toggle switch on the back.

And it will perfectly integrate into your smart home setup. The screen can be used to check smart camera feeds, and you can set up a “good night” routine to have it turn off smart lights, lock smart doors or play chillout music as you head to sleep.

If you are also trying to get the kids to sleep, the Smart Clock 2 supports multi-room audio so you can connect it to an existing smart speaker setup and play music – or make family bed-time announcements – across multiple rooms of the house.

The Smart Clock 2 not only has better front speakers than the prior model but now supports an optional Qi-based charging dock that is perfect for anyone who wants to cut down on bedside clutter or stop having to reach for the wired cable.

The clock snaps onto the left side of the dock, while the right side contains a pad for your phone. As long as your handset has wireless charging, it will power overnight – so there’s no more searching in the dark for a plug socket. But if you do need to use a USB cable to charge your smartwatch or accessories, there’s a USB port built into the dock. Need the toilet at night? The dock has a built-in nightlight, too.

Smart tech is revolutionising a lot of rooms in the home these days. So if you want a compact and affordable bedside helper, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is for you.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 has an RRP of £59.99. It is currently £34.99 as part of Black Friday at Currys. The charging dock (sold separately) costs £24.99.


For more smart home technology head over to the Lenovo website.