Sometimes, comments on your Facebook post will have a negative effect on the discussion or your mental health. Here's how you can delete them.

Harmful comments could leave a long-lasting negative effect on a user or a brand if left alone. That's why it is necessary to remove these comments. If you have mean or harmful comments on your post and want to get rid of them, then there is some good news for you—you can delete rude and improper comments on your post. Read on to find out how you can remove them.

What to know About Deleting a Facebook Comment

Similar to how it allows you to manage comments on your posts, Facebook also allows you to delete comments you find offensive or damaging to your brand. You can delete the offending comment, whether it's on videos, photos, or just text posts.

When you remove such comments, Facebook does not send notifications to the person who commented. However, they may notice their comments have been deleted when viewing the post. How to Delete Comments on Your Facebook Posts

How to Delete a Comment on Your Facebook Post

Deleting an offensive comment is simply a few clicks away. Just follow the steps below on how you can delete them, whether you're accessing Facebook on a PC or through the mobile app.

How to Delete a Comment When Accessing Facebook From a PC

Here's how to remove comments using a PC:


How to Delete a Comment on a Mobile App

The process slightly differs on a Facebook mobile app. Follow these steps to delete a comment under your post directly from your mobile app.

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Get Rid of Negative Comments on Your Posts

You can't always control what comments people drop on your Facebook posts. However, Facebook empowers you to delete the comments you find offensive.

If you have any such comments on your Facebook posts, follow the steps we've shared above to remove the comment.

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