Setting up a SmartHome can be a maddening, and expensive process – trying to get robots to talk to each other, yelling commands at lightbulbs, and other embarrassing mishaps. These are problems that Laser is hoping to alleviate with its insanely affordable CONNECT SmartHome range.

With Alexa and Google Home compatibility, you won’t have to worry about endless software updates, or incompatibility issues. You’ll be able to set your lighting to turn on as you arrive home, monitor your slow cooker, pre-heat your electric blanket, and control your internal heating with voice control.

Aside from the low price point of this range, the latest Power Plugs allow you to monitor the energy consumption of all your appliances, meaning you can manage your power bills, and work out which items are using up the most juice.

If you are in entertainment mode, dimmable lighting options are available from $10, with outdoor fairy lights from $60. For extra party pizzazz, a run of LED strips can be set to react rhythmically to music, with a range of colour options to toggle between.

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For security, the indoor and outdoor camera systems will give you piece of mind, and can be powered with a solar panel. This can be combined with the smart video doorbell system, which sends alerts whenever you have a visitor, and allows two-way communication, and the Smart Security Deadbolt, with fingerprint ID for total security, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a security firm. Smart cards, passcodes, and even an old-fashioned key can be combined to allow entry, further securing your home.

And if you plan to be away for a long stretch of time, you can even water the garden remotely. We live in the future.

The full range can be viewed at the website.

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