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Martin Thompson and Michael Barker talk about building a HPC financial system handling over 100K tps at less than 1ms latency by having a new approach to infrastructure and software. Some of the tips include: understand the platform, model the domain, create a clear separation of concerns, choose data structures wisely, and run business logic on a single thread.

LMAX - How to Do 100K TPS at Less than 1ms Latency


Martin Thompson worked at Betfair, one of the largest sports betting exchange, and the co-founded LMAX/Tradefair, leading the building of the world’s highest performance financial exchange.Michael Barker is currently a lead developer at London Multi-Asset eXchange (LMAX), and a sporadic Open Source contributor to projects like PostgreSQL, JBoss, GNU Classpath and most recently Mono.

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Dec 16, 2010


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