If one thing that bothers most people today is a bunch of passwords of different login. You just name it social media password, laptop password, mobile password, email password, UPI PIN and the ATM card PIN. Often you forget your password and you start panicking, don't know how to get new or try to remember the forgotten ones. It's not easy to do that.

One thing that surely causes an immense amount of panic when you forget your ATM card PIN, and if it is a Debit card you know how much it disturbs your peace. If you lose your Debit Card PIN, you'll be unable to conduct online transactions or withdraw cash at any time and from any ATM. People will argue, we have access to the online transaction through UPI, but, still ATM card PIN you need.

Back 10-20 years bank, if you forgot your ATM PIN, you have to visit your home branch and complete a whole hectic procedure to get a new one. However, over time our banks and banking system became smart. Now, you don't have to visit the bank branch to get a new ATM PIN. Banks allow customers to generate a new ATM PIN online anywhere and anytime.

Forgot Your ATM Card PIN? Know How To Generate New One

There are 4 things you could do to generate a new ATM card PIN easily. Let's explore!

Reset At ATM PIN By Yourself

If you insert your ATM card and realize you forgot your Card PIN, now what? Don't get panicked. You can generate a new one from the ATM where inserted your card.

Reset ATM PIN Online Via NetBanking

In a situation where you are not at an ATM location and forgot your ATM PIN but you need to pay through your debit card or credit card. What would you do? Use NetBanking to reset ATM PIN. Net Banking is provided by every bank and used by almost every bank customer these days. To access NetBanking, you need to register yourself for NetBanking.

Reset ATM PIN via MobileApp

Banks' dedicated mobile app to felicitate the customer banking experience and get easy access to plenty of banking services, also allows you to generate a new ATM PIN at your home. If you have an internet-connected smartphone, you may reset your card PIN immediately by simply inputting your card number, account holder name, CVV number, card expiry date, and OTP into the app. Some banks, however, allow you to display the PIN you forgot soon after checking in with your credentials if you forget your ATM PIN.

Through Bank Branch

If you are not familiar with the technology and find it hard to use above mentioned ways to regenerate ATM PIN, you could try the traditional way to get a new ATM PIN by visiting the bank branch.

In this situation you could try following:



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