This article contains spoilers for Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Every Ending Explained

While Elden Ring clearly separates itself from other FromSoftware titles through its massive open-world filled with adventures and secrets, the game does feature that same brand of obtuse storytelling and complicated lore that helped make FromSoftware’s other titles (most notably the Dark Souls series) famous. That also means that there is a good chance you’ll reach the game’s various endings and have no idea what any of them mean or how you even managed to arrive at them in the first place.

So far as that goes, I’ll warn you right now that Elden Ring offers relatively few definitive narrative answers, and those answers that are buried in the game likely won’t be unearthed for months to come. Part of the joy of playing a FromSoftware game involves learning to love occasionally being confused, and that’s certainly true when it comes to explaining, or even talking about, the game’s endings. These intentionally ambiguous finales are meant to be discussed, dissected, and debated.

In the interest of getting that discussion going, though, here’s a look at our what we think Elden Ring‘s endings mean and, more importantly, how to unlock them.