A bike and bike lock goes hand in hand. Conventional bike locks are the go-to picks for the lot of us. However, there are a couple of smart bike locks doing their rounds. These locks can be unlocked/locked via phone apps or through fingerprints. And at the same time, they provide the necessary security of keeping your bike locked.

Smart bike locks are available in many different forms. While some let you unlock the bike via Bluetooth, other locks alert you via phone notifications.

But unlike smart home locks, they are not controlled by voice commands. At the same time, the app doesn’t give you the flexibility to unlock it from afar. You’ll have to be within the Bluetooth range. They are smart in the sense that they give you a couple of additional options more than the conventional locks.

So now that’s settled, here are some smart bike locks that you can buy. Let’s check them out. But before that,

1. Solebe Bluetooth Smart Chain Lock


The Solebe bike lock brings the Bluetooth advantage to the otherwise conventional lock. This standard chain lock uses your mobile phone’s Bluetooth as the key. So once you get near your bike, you can press the Unlock button to lock it. At the same time, the alarm is loud enough to alert passersby just in case someone tampers with the lock.

The lock is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. And the lock and unlock buttons are available at your fingertips.

The Solebe bike lock has an IP55 rating which means that it’s safe from the occasional water splashes but not from heavy rain.

The chain is made from a mix of plastic, copper, and braided steel and can protect your bike to some extent. However, don’t expect the world out of it, especially true if you plan on leaving your bike unsupervised for a long time.

3 Best Smart Bike Locks That You Can Buy

However, if your bike stays within your eyesight and you want a sense of security, then this bike lock is a good pick. Do note that the setup instructions are a tad challenging to figure out, and many users have pointed out this in their reviews.

2. Nunet Nulock Bicycle Lock


Another smart lock that you can check out is the one by Nunet. The Nunet Nulock lock is also a Bluetooth-based lock. But here, the companion app lets you experiment a little more. For instance, you can choose to enable or disable the auto-lock and the vibration alarm.

At the same time, you can lock and unlock it via the button on the lock. The company claims that the chain is made from 7 braided cables. That said, the IP44 rating only protects it from water splashes and it won’t save against rains. That said, the Nulock gets its power from three AAA batteries. Depending on your usage, a new set of fully charged batteries should get you around 4-5 months.

This smart bike lock is popular on Amazon, and users love its easy-to-use nature and somewhat reasonable price tag. Again, the chain lock is not the strongest in the world. But you do get a loud alarm, and that’s a plus.

3. MYPIN Store Fingerprint Bike Lock Cable


Mypin Store’s bike lock differs since it allows fingerprint unlock. Yes, you read that right. You can unlock the lock using just your fingerprint. No need to fish out the phone or the key. That’s quite convenient.

The good thing is that the Mypin lock supports up to 18 different users. So if you plan to share it between friends, it’s completely doable. At the same time, the unlock process doesn’t take much time.

Another advantage is that a rechargeable battery powers it. The built-in 110mAh battery can last around 6 months of standard use. And when the charge runs out, you can refuel it via a USB cable.

The lock provides enough security and lets you leave your bike at ease. However, it’s not as safe as conventional U-locks like the Kryptonite U-locks. And that’s the price you have to pay for the smart features.

Like the ones above, the installation process is not the easiest.

Pedal, Pedal, Push!

Smart bike locks still have a long way to go, unlike smart door locks or security cameras. While they give you the necessary alerts in times of need, they are not the safest. And if your area has high instances of bike theft, then the integrated steel chains may not be enough to protect your bike.

But if you have the means and want to experiment with unconventional bike locks, then the Nunet Nulock Bicycle Lock is a good pick. It carries a good bunch of features and provides respectable security coverage.