An Industry-Leading Mobile Imaging System

The HONOR Magic4 Ultimate introduces the most powerful and versatile camera system on an HONOR smartphone to date.

"The HONOR Magic4 Ultimate achieved the new Top score in the DXOMARK Smartphone Camera ranking, delivering an outstanding experience, particularly in photo and zoom, while being among the first in video." DXOMARK IMAGE LABS highlighted, "With respect to the Ultra-premium segment, the HONOR Magic4 Ultimate provides the best performance for almost all criteria (Overall, Photo, Zoom) and is very close to the top for Video performance."

Adopting the largest image sensor ever on an HONOR smartphone, the 50MP Wide Camera with a massive 1/1.12-inch sensor and a large aperture of f/1.6 delivers superior light-sensing performance that rivals even cameras with a 1-inch sensor and f/1.8 aperture. HONOR Magic4 Ultimate can take scenic night shots or low-light portraits that are brighter, with more vivid colors, better defined objects and minimal visual artifacts. The customized 8P Lens comes with a 37% improvement in center sharpness and a 30% improvement in edge sharpness, producing photos and videos that look detailed even when zoomed in. Also, with an Ultra Anti-Reflection (UAR) coating and Infra-Red Cutoff Filter (IRCF), the 50MP Wide Camera effectively minimizes the flare captured from strong light sources, so users can capture their most magical moments even in challenging lighting conditions.

The 64MP Ultra-Wide Camera offers an impressive 126° field of view for capturing everything from parties to sprawling cities, while benefiting from the world's first Dual Free-Form Lens, which gets to the root of the wide-angle image distortion problem with an industry-low 0.5% edge distortion. With the anti-flare coating technology, the HONOR Magic4 Ultimate can get a clean and large field of view, whether taking photos or videos.

For faraway subjects, the 64MP Periscope Telescope Camera with built-in optical stabilization and fusion computational photography offers an impressive zoom range of 3.5x Optical Zoom and up to 100x Digital Zoom for users to capture steady images. Unique to the HONOR Magic4 Ultimate in the series, the 50MP Spectrum Enhanced Camera, which debuted in HONOR's first foldable flagship Magic V, allows the camera system to reveal more details in complex environments like mist.

At the heart of the system, an additional brand-new custom-made image processor supports faster and more efficient AI computations to take Ultra Fusion Photography to even greater heights, enabling the industry's strongest 4K Night Mode video capture and real-time preview, making sure that shooting very bright, clear and vibrant videos in extreme darkness is possible.

The HONOR Magic4 Ultimate also comes with support for an all-new professional-grade video format: Magic-Log2. Custom-developed based on the new camera modules, the new format enables the capturing of 15% higher dynamic range for recording video footage. Combined with the brand-new 3D LUT (Look Up Table) support, the HONOR Magic4 Ultimate can make stunning HDR10+ video evenin low light,which bringing movie magic to life easier than ever.

The Power of Magic at its Best


Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G Mobile Platform, the HONOR Magic4 Ultimate delivers blazing fast performance and incredible battery efficiency across all typical usage scenarios. HONOR maximized the capability of this chipset, bringing further system optimizations with improved fluency and power consumption, while generating less heat and lowering latency for an even better user experience.

The 6.81-inch next-generation LTPO Display delivers fluid, vibrant visuals with support for adaptive refresh rate to help users conserve battery. Consistent with the wider HONOR Magic4 Series, the display supports 1920Hz Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) dimming to offer a comfortable viewing experience even in low light environments. The HONOR Magic4 Ultimate is also the new top Android smartphone on DxOMark's Display rankings, with a score of 95 points.

Running the latest Magic UI 6.0 based on Android 12, the HONOR Magic4 Ultimate supports a range of HONOR signature smart life features.

Colors and Availability

Available in Black and White, the HONOR Magic4 Ultimate will arrive in the China market later this year, with price starting at RMB 7,999.


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