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March, 2022: Premium UL-Listed LED Strip Lights manufacturers and suppliers, HitLights has announced the launch of their HitLights Pro Series; a new lineup of products that operate at 24V. This lineup includes LED strip lights, power supplies, and dimmable drivers- covering most of what designers and decorators need to enhance any interior or exterior space with light fixtures.

The new line of LED strip lights adds to the company’s range of LED Strip Lighting products designed for residential and commercial spaces across US homes, offices, art projects, and retail spaces. The new HitLights Pro Series includes 24-volt LED strip lights, 24-volt power supplies, and 24-volt dimmable drivers tailored to the needs of interior designers and commercial installers who want additional light output in an industrial or commercial setting. HitLights Pro Series 24-volt product range can even be used by residential decorators who want their LED strip installations to offer more utility by acting as functional task lighting.

HitLights Launches 24V LED Strip Lights, Power supplies, And Dimmable Drivers

Bin Yu, from HitLights, talks about the difference between the 12V and 24V LED strip lights and the considerations one should make while choosing between the two by saying, “The two strips are engineered differently. There is no ‘right’ option and it all depends on the purpose that you are designing for.” The 12V lights draw less power and are better suited for installations that run on limited power or battery power. The 24V lights and accessories consume more power while driving significantly more light output. This makes them ideal for situations where the strips are the primary source of light. Yu explained, “You will get better, well-lit coverage over a larger area, drawing attention to the texture of the materials that you are lighting up, highlighting their finish and shine. They are even perfect for accentuating areas of a room that need to attract the attention of residents and guests from a distance immediately as soon as they walk in. The new HitLights Pro Series opens up a whole new world of interior design possibilities and we are sure that our customers with a keen eye for aesthetics will be able to find myriad ways to make good use of the increased luminosity of the higher voltage strips.” To find out more about the new series of products, readers can visit their blog.

The HitLights 24 volt LED strip lights are available in units of 26.25 feet (8 meters) of lights per spool. The increased length is meant to significantly boost their utility, making them appropriate for a wide range of projects. The 24v LED strip lighting emits an output 1325 lumens of light, a noticeable upgrade and an immediately discernible difference in brightness. The strips come in different color temperatures, such as soft white, warm white and neutral white.

The 24V power supply that drives the HitLight Pro Series features constant output, and all the LED fans will also benefit from the plug-and-play installation. The connections on the 24 volt systems do not rely on flimsy clasps, have improved screw terminals, and use a simple Phillips head screw to improve durability. The power supply units are UL listed (Underwriters Laboratories), which is one of a select number of organizations charged by the OSHA (The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to develop and test for safety standards amongst various types of products, ensuring that customers can use them with confidence.

Finally, the company’s 24 Volt EZDim Driver and Dimmer Switches feature 100% smooth flicker-free dimming, eliminating the need to run new high voltage wiring, and universal compatibility with nearly any situation where a dimmer is required. The company recommends professional clients purchase the EZDim Driver and Dimmer Switches in bulk to avoid downtime and complete more projects.

Readers can visit HitLights’ Amazon store to get an updated listing of the prices for the new 24V Pro Series along with currently available discounts.


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