The special honey trees found in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl can attract rare Pokemon if players wait a certain amount of time.

There are many different ways to find and capture a variety of Pokemon throughout both Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. One method mostly exclusive to the games set in the Sinnoh region is the honey tree method.

All throughout the Sinnoh region, players can find golden brown trees that stand out from their surroundings. These trees can be covered in honey in order to attract various Pokemon over a period of time. The locations of these trees are consistent between both Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as the Pokemon that spawn from them.


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Players will be able to use honey trees for the first time after saving the man being attacked by Team Galactic in Floaroma Meadow. Each pot of honey costs 100 PokeDollars, with them also being available in batches of ten for 1,000 PokeDollars. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Honey Tree Wait Time

Honey Tree Wait Times

After putting honey on a honey tree, it will take some time for a Pokemon to appear. Specifically, it will take six hours for a Pokemon to appear. This time is not affected by the Nintendo Switch's internal clock, so players cannot change the Switch's clock in order to make Pokemon appear faster.

Once the six hours have passed, players will have 24 hours to encounter the Pokemon before it finishes the honey and leaves. If this happens, players will need to put more honey on the tree and wait six more hours.

Honey Tree Locations

There is a total of 21 honey trees that players can use in-game. In order to increase the odds of getting the desired Pokemon from the trees, players are recommended to have honey on as many trees as possible. The locations of these trees are as follows:

Floaroma MeadowNext to the house
Route 205 AAcross the bridge on the south side of the route
Route 205 BAbove the northeast exit of the route to Eterna City
Valley WindworksDirectly in front of Windworks building
Eterna ForestUse Cut on the trees outside the entrance of Eterna Forest and follow the path to a clearing
Route 206Use Cut on the trees by the south entrance to the Cycling Road and go under the road
Route 207To the right of the northern exit to the route
Route 208In the southern-most part of the large patch of tall grass
Route 209Southwest of the southern-most large crater
Route 210 ASouth of the Cafe Cabin
Route 210 BNorth of Black Belt Adam
Route 211South of the soil patch on the eastern part of Mt. Coronet
Route 212 ADirectly west after entering through the north entrance
Route 212 BInside the swamp on the southeast part of the route
Route 213Use Rock Smash on the rock down a western path on the beach and follow the path
Route 214Behind a fence by the southern entrance to the route
Route 215Up north by the western entrance to the route
Route 218Directly west of the soil patch
Fuego IronworksAcross the river
Route 221North of the soil patch
Route 222North of the eastern exit to the route

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are available on Nintendo Switch.

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