It's been about two years since Apple launched the second-gen iPhone SE, and as of now its successor, the iPhone SE 2022, is here. Rumors had been floating around about a refreshed iPhone SE for a while, but now that it's official you may be looking to replace your current iPhone SE with a new one. And it might not cost as much as you think. Carriers and retailers have rolled out plenty of great deals for the new release, with some even allowing you to get the new phone totally free with eligible trade-ins and qualifying data plans.

One of the biggest upgrades to the iPhone SE 2022 is that it supports 5G, so you'll be able to get faster data speeds while out and about (assuming you're in a 5G-compatible area). Apple has upgraded the processor to its A15 Bionic chip, and it has the same tough glass that's used on the iPhone 13 series. It maintains the same overall size and design as the previous-gen model, which means there's a Touch ID sensor on the front. A 12-megapixel camera on the back is made even more powerful thanks to the A15 processor.

When will the iPhone SE 2022 be available?

Right now. Apple announced the iPhone SE 2022 on March 8, and as of March 18 the phone is available for purchase at retailers, carriers and from Apple directly.

How much does the iPhone SE 2022 cost?

Base pricing for the iPhone SE 2022 starts at $429 for the base model with 64GB of storage. You can bump that up to 128GB for $479 or 256GB for $579.

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Best iPhone SE Deals: Save up to 0 at Apple, 0 off at Verizon

What colors does the iPhone SE 2022 come in?

The iPhone SE 2022 is available in midnight (black), starlight (white) and Product Red.

Best iPhone SE 2022 preorder deals

While the iPhone SE may not get quite the same amount of attention as the iPhone 13 did or the iPhone 14 will, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of great deals to take advantage of. Below, you'll find our round up of the best offers and deals out there that can help you snag the new iPhone SE for less.

Best Buy

Somewhat surprisingly, Best Buy doesn't seem to be carrying any unlocked models of the iPhone SE. But if you're a T-Mobile customer, there is an offer you can take advantage of. Customers who use T-Mobile as their carrier can save up to $220 on their new iPhone SE with a qualifying trade-in. Just note that you'll have either add a new line, or upgrade an existing one to get the discount, and you'll be required to choose "store pickup" as your delivery option.

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If you prefer to buy your new iPhone right from the source, you can do that for the iPhone SE. Apple has all the carrier models along with the unlocked one. And if you're already an iPhone owner looking to switch to the new SE, Apple is offering up to $650 when you trade-in an iPhone 8 or newer. With a base price of $429, that means that you could theoretically get the new SE totally free. If you're trade in value exceeds the cost of your new phone, you'll receive an Apple Gift Card for the remainder. If you're trade-in doesn't cover the full cost, you can pay the remaining cost in full, or or split it into 24 months of interest-free payments when you use an Apple Card during checkout.

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If you're already a Verizon customer with any unlimited data plan, Verizon is offering up to $700 the iPhone SE when you upgrade a preexisting line and trade-in an eligible device. Fortunately, even old and damaged phones are eligible for this trade-in offer, so long as there's no damage to the battery. Trade-in credits are applied over a period of 36 months, and will require an installment plan to get the discount.

Plus, if you're in the market for a new iPad, Verizon is offering up to $200 off over a period of 36 months with the purchase of a new iPhone SE. This offer is valid for both new and existing customers, but will require you to have a data plan for the iPad as well as the phone.

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Unfortunately, AT&T isn't offering and deals on the iPhone SE at this time. While the product page allows you to trade-in old phones and devices, they won't earn you any cash towards this purchase. You purchase the phone for full retail price or via 36 monthly payments starting at $12 a month for the 64GB model. All three colors are available, and you can pick between 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

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New and existing customers on any Sprint or T-Mobile plan are able to save $400 on the iPhone SE when trading in an eligible device. This comes in the form of 24 monthly credits, but you'll only pay $29 (plus tax) for the iPhone SE. And if you're looking to add a new line to your plan, you can save up to $215 on the iPhone SE via 24 monthly credits, no trade-in required.

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Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum is another carrier that has the new generation iPhone SE available for purchase, though the deals are pretty slim. The only offer is that you can save $100 on the new SE (or any new Apple device) with a qualifying trade-in.

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Metro has the best prepaid offer of any retailer or carrier out there at the moment. When you purchase an iPhone SE at full retail price and switch your existing number over to Metro's $60/month unlimited data plan, you'll get an instant $350 rebate. Meaning you're getting the iPhone SE for a single $80 purchase, rather than discounted via monthly credits. If you're looking to purchase your phone outright, this is the best offer you'll find.

Note: Because Metro is owned by T-Mobile, this offer is not available to those switching their number from existing T-Mobile plan.

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