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Bluetooth technology has given us freedom from the wires that have tethered us and our sound systems to our homes and offices. Now, instead of lugging enormous “boom boxes” or staying home to remain plugged in to an outlet, we use bluetooth technology to take seriously good sound quality with us on the road, on a picnic, while tailgating, or just out in the backyard.

The technology behind bluetooth speakers is more complicated than we’ll get into in this article, but if you’re curious as to how it really works, check out this article.

We’ve looked at some of the best bluetooth speakers out there, according to reviewers and users, and compiled a list to make your bluetooth speaker shopping easier.

Best Overall Bluetooth Speaker

This is a pretty cool little bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is stellar, according to reviewers, and gets surprisingly loud for its size — you’ll probably never need to turn it up to 11. It’s dustproof and waterproof, making it perfect for the beach or hiking. The 12 hours of battery life allow you to party as long as you want to, or can, and the PartyBoost feature allows you to connect it to a second JPL bluetooth speaker to amplify the sound even more.

Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2022

Best Bluetooth Speaker for Interior Design

This sleek little bluetooth speaker will impress your friends and neighbors with its stylish good looks and trendy champagne color. But did we mention it’s also an awesome speaker? With two 3.3” subwoofers, and the use of Dysonics’s SoundShaping technology, you can customize the sound you want from your listening experience. Pricey, but oh so elegant and cool.

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Best Bargain Bluetooth Speaker (under $20)

All the power of a quality bluetooth speaker without the price, this Altec Lansing Baby Boom XL does just about everything you’d want a bluetooth speaker to do. It’s compact and has an attached carabiner, making it extremely portable. The sturdy design keeps it safe from drops, and it’s resistant to water, dust, and dirt. It’s got great sound, though only about six hours of battery life - but did we mention it floats?

Best Smart Bluetooth Speaker

The Sonos Move Smart bluetooth speaker is a step above your regular bluetooth connection. It’s got built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple Airplay technology, which means it can connect to just about anything, anywhere, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with an included microphone. Plus you can connect to the Sonos app for easy set up and added features.

Best Bluetooth Speaker Color Choices

You’re not the typical run-of-the-mill black bluetooth speaker person. Maybe you’re a Sunset Red person. Or possibly a Lagoon Blue person. Or perhaps you’re more Ultraviolet Purple. Whichever you choose, even if it is Night Black, you’ll get quality sound that looks good with the UE Megaboom 3 bluetooth speaker. It’s 360 degree sound will surround you and your friends for up to 20 hours of battery life, plus it’s a tough cookie — both waterproof and dustproof.

Best Mid-range Bluetooth Speaker (Under $50)

While most of the excellent bluetooth speakers hover between $100-150, this sporty speaker from JBL packs quite a punch in a smaller package that’s ready to go hiking, biking, or to the beach. It’s compact and lightweight, but sounds like one of its bigger cousins. One reviewer takes it paddleboarding, as it’s waterproof and comes with a solid handle that will easily carabiner onto your board.

Best Battery Life

This could just as easily be classified under “Best Retro Look,” for those of you who yearn for the days of carrying a giant boom box on your shoulder. While the looks are reminiscent of the 80’s staple, the sound quality is outstanding, and it’s both lightweight and compact, with a bass that one reviewer said rocked his entire farm. And at a whopping 24 hours of battery life, you really can party till the cows come home.

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