Amazon has, very quietly it must be said, unveiled a range of Basics Smart Switches; designed to make it easier than ever to make your dumb lights smart.

Coming in four different configurations, the Amazon Basics Smart Switches don't require smart light bulbs (such as Philips Hue) to work, they simply make your light switch fittings smart.

Smart light switches aren't a new thing - there are already some great options out such as the Ecobee Switch+ and the Lutron Caseta Dimmer - but this Basics range could take the idea a bit more mainstream than it currently is.

Guide: The best smart light bulbs and systems

Smart light switches and dimmers can give you much more control over your home lighting, while offering something physical... so no more non-active smart lights if someone has turned the switch off at the wall.

They replace your existing light switches, allowing you to control what they’re connected to with an app on your smartphone, or using your voice via a smart speaker.

When installed, a smart switch will control all the lighting on that circuit, so they are a great option for where you have more than one light in a room, or a range of bulbs working from a single switch (think kitchen / bathroom spotlights)

Amazon Basics smart light switches smarten up your dumb bulbs

Amazon's Basic Smart Switch range, which gets the Certified for Humans approval, works over 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and requires that you have a neutral wire at the light switch point.

Check out our guide to smart home wiring if you're confused at this point.

They don't have Alexa built-in but are, of course, Alexa compatible. You won't even need an Alexa skill to get started, just install the switch open the Alexa app, tap the Devices icon, and click the + icon to get the Switch added.

The following variants are all on sale now:

Amazon Basics Single Pole Smart Switch - $17.99

Amazon Basics Single Pole Smart Dimmer Switch - $19.99

Amazon Basics 3-Way Smart Switch - $18.99

Amazon Basics 3-Way Smart Dimmer Switch - $20.99

Amazon is also bundling in a 4th-gen Echo Dot if you need one, for $17 on top of those prices listed above.