It all started with the Cathode Ray Tube television sets. These small boxes assembled everyone in their living rooms on prominent days. Everyone was glued to them on events like significant baseball matches or political speeches. Today, we have come a very long way from those days. Over the years, as the book of technological accomplishments thickened, the size of these television sets got thinner.

As the internet showed up in the 1980s, everything changed, and so did televisions. The futuristic idea of the internet of things blew up, and today we have the internet in our television sets. Today, we have devices that do more than show telecasted programs. These devices are called smart TVs and android boxes.

What Are Android Boxes?

Android boxes are essentially an addition to traditional or smart television sets. An excellent Android box makes a TV technologically more competent and innovative in every sense.

The best Android TV box for 2022 allows viewers to access every form of media on their TV screen. It is safe to call it a consolidated solution of satellite TVs, over-the-air TV, or cable services. Everything is on a single screen, from social media to daily soaps.

So let us walk through the features of these new-age android boxes.

Effortless Assembling

Anyone can assemble an intelligent android box from age 10 to age 100. It's that simple. The only requirement is an HDMI port in your TV set or smart TV, and you are good to go. You can connect your android box to your TV or smart TV.

7 Features of Android TV Boxes in 2022

The android box can be connected to the internet using an Ethernet cable or a WiFi connection. Later on, you can start accessing the internet and installing your desired applications.

Extra Ports

As these android boxes offer various options, one would find many plug points in the device. USB ports to connect to multiple devices are available. There are slots for external memory like SD cards and a prominent space for an internet connection.

One can also plug in a mouse and keyboard for gaming controls. AUX cables are also one of the possibilities that an intelligent android box offers. These features depend on manufacturers. However, the best android TV box for 2022 will ensure every possible availability for diverse necessities.

Virtual Assistants

Connect your virtual assistants to one of these android boxes and witness the wonders of artificial intelligence. Way ahead of traditional television sets, an android box will enable you to connect your Google Assistant or others to your TV.

These integrated virtual robots work on a simple remote and voice activation. You can also associate the voice assistant with other devices like lights and fans that possess the same technology.


Who would have thought it would be possible to experience the thrill of gaming on the channel flipping TV screens? The advent of the android box brings it to reality. It adds high-quality graphics to your screens with better controls than a standard computer or mobile phone device.

A big screen is an add-on magnification of the thrill of the gameplay. If you want to augment your gaming experience further, throw in some speakers and virtual reality headsets to experience the joy of 3D gaming!


One of the prevalent and useful features an android box puts in the table is Chromecast. With Chromecast, one can transfer all their data from any other device to the television screen with remote access. Access to a larger screen offers better physical mobility. Shifting your desktop to an HD screen can also enhance your quality of work.


The most common feature that revolutionized the television industry is online streaming. Embedding the internet in a smart TV with an android box provides access to online stream platforms. Brands like Amazon prime, Disney+ Hostar, Netflix are a few of the leading OTT platforms that secure the most viewers.

A massive amount of content is available on these platforms, competing with cable television. And obviously, free platforms like Youtube can also be accessed through the same facility by simply downloading the applications.


We live in a world where you will inspect it for Bluetooth irrespective of what device you see. Another common but convenient feature of these android boxes is Bluetooth. Connect any machine capable of Bluetooth connectivity to your TV, and you are ready to rock!

If these features made you crave more than regular television, get your android box now!