Home makeovers are super popular right now, with entire television channels dedicated to the art of making your space look bigger, brighter, and worthy of a magazine cover. My favorites are the ones dedicated to clever little tricks and hacks you can accomplish in seconds. I admit, I often find myself inspired by the brilliant ideas you can find on a show. Luckily, I have Amazon to turn to when the urge to upgrade my house hits. It’s open 24 hours, so even a 2 a.m. shopping spree is easily doable.

55 Things For Your Home That Are Really, Really Clever

For me, finding technology and home fashions that are both on-trend and functional is key to my search. For example, a couch insert that offers support and eliminates having to go out and buy a whole new sofa is totally going into my cart. Or this ingenious universal knife organizer that frees up a whole kitchen drawer and looks great while doing it. These are only a couple of the things I’ve found on Amazon to refresh my living space without really having to lift a finger (okay, you need a finger for this vacuum sealer, but it’s so easy and so satisfying to watch). What’s even more impressive, is these items come highly recommended and reviewed by your fellow Amazon shoppers — so feel free to fill your cart with some really, really clever ideas for your home.

Take a few moments here as I share some of my top picks.