A simple Amazon search can turn up a myriad of things: clothing, shoes, accessories, home gadgets, decorations, as well as a bunch of other products that you probably never knew you needed. In fact, there are so many great things that I sometimes find it hard to decide exactly what to buy. To help narrow it down, I've made a list of the genius Amazon products that people use all the time, based off tons of positive reviews. I'm sure customers who've purchased these items wish they bought 'em sooner — and I bet you will, too.

42 Genius Things People Use All The Time & Wish They'd Bought Sooner

From convenient items such as steering wheel trays, hanging trash bags, LED strip lights, and moldable glue to personal items like hairdryer brushes, eyelash combs, shower steamers, and powerful water flossers, this list runs the gamut. You can even add a brand new ambiance to your home with flameless candles, magnetic shelves, drawer organizers, cooling blankets, and appliance trays. Or, make life easier with no-tie shoelaces, blue light-blocking glasses, and shower drain hair catchers.

With so many genius products on the list, it's pretty difficult to go wrong. So whether you're searching for something in particular or just want to make things more simple, these brilliant items are here to help.