Available now for pre-order and slated to ship in September, the Wyze Light StripRemove non-product link comes in five- and 10-meter lengths (16.4 and 32.8 feet) and can shine in a single color (up to 16 million are supported). The five-meter version will cost $26, while the 10-meter model will sell for $36, making it far cheaper than many competing LED strips with smart capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Wyze Light Strip ProRemove non-product link can display up to 16 different colors simultaneously, complete with “advanced” lighting effects. Set to ship in October, the five-meter Light Strip Pro will cost $31, or $45 for 10-foot variety.

Both the Light Strip and Light Strip Pro connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and like Wyze’s other smart lights, neither strip requires a hub.

The peel-and-stick light strips both work with Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you can control them with voice commands and include them in Alexa and Google smart routines.

Wyze unveils single- and multi-color smart LED light strips

You can also use the Wyze app to create schedules, sleep routines, timers, and automations. A vacation mode sets the strips to turn on and off at randomized times, while a “sun match” mode changes the strip’s color temperature depending on the time of day. Finally, the strips can sync their lights with music using a built-in microphone.

The Wyze Light Strip and Light Strip Pro can be trimmed with a pair of scissors, but you can’t make them longer by connecting two strips together; other smart light strips we’ve tested, such as the more expensive Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, can be connected together to make a single, longer strip.

While owners of the Light Strip and Light Strip Pro won’t be able to connect them together on their own, Wyze notes that their 10-meter LED strips are actually a pair of five-meter strips connected by a central controller.

Another limitation is that the strips can’t be grouped with other Wyze smart bulbs (such as the Wyze Bulb or Bulb Color); however, Wyze says it’s “working on that for the near future.”

Neither the Light Strip nor the Light Strip Pro are designed for outdoor use; that said, the Pro model comes with a “protective” epoxy coating.

We’ll have in-depth reviews of the Wyze Light Strip and Light Strip Pro once we’ve tried some sample units.