Having a Google Home device can change the way you live in your home. But without an internet connection, it's not even heavy enough to use as a doorstop.

If you're having trouble connecting your Google Home or Nest to the internet, here are several ways to fix your connection issue.

Why Your Google Home or Nest Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

Reconnecting your Google Home or Nest to Wi-Fi might not have one clear solution. Sometimes, you will need to troubleshoot the issue by running through several different methods.

That's because Google Home and Nest malfunctions could be caused by a changed internet password, a low-speed internet connection, or a low signal from a router. Although each of these has its own method of repair, you could also just restart and reset the device if all else fails.

Identify any issues with your connection by checking if your music is playing properly, asking questions from your device, or trying to control other smart devices.

Here are several ways you can get your Google Home or Nest connected back to Wi-Fi.

Reconnecting Google Home or Nest After a Changed Password

If you've recently changed your Wi-Fi password, your Google Home or Nest will not be able to connect to the internet. No button exists on the device to easily reconnect your Google Home to your router.

Instead, you'll go into the Google Home app for iOS or Android to reconnect your device and get it functioning correctly again.


In order to connect your device to the Wi-Fi if you've changed your password, you first have to disconnect the device. This will reset your connection and allow you to connect your internet with the new password enabled.

Poor Google Home or Nest Connection With Your Router

It may be the case that you are simply too far away from your router to receive a good internet connection.

Your router may not be able to reach the farthest points of your home and you will have to move your Google Home or Nest closer to your router to receive a connection.

If your device begins to perform better, there was interference causing the connection to suffer. To keep the connection stable, you will need a permanent home that is closer to your router.

You can also try removing electronics around your Google Home and Nest to see if that improves connection. The other technology may be interfering with the signal and causing your issues.

It could also be the case that your router itself needs replacing. Test this by using your phone, or any device connected to the internet, and see how quickly your content loads.

Once you have eliminated the router as a cause of your Google Home and Nest problems, check to see if your bandwidth could be too low.

Limit Other Devices on Your Network

Your router and internet connection only have so much bandwidth to support online activity. The more devices that are using the internet, the less bandwidth available to go around.

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That's especially a problem if you are trying to download shows or movies at the same time as using your Google Home or Nest. It can help to pause these types of activities until you are done using your device.

Your internet plan may not be able to handle the amount of data being transferred on the same network.

To improve this problem, turn off your other devices that are connected to the internet. Or, turn off any downloads you are trying to complete while using your device at the same time.

You can identify a low bandwidth problem if your music starts cutting in and out or Google Home isn't doing a good job at recognizing and performing all the commands it's capable of making.

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If you'd like to be able to have your downloads and use your Google devices at the same time, upgrade your internet package to have more bandwidth available.

The problem isn't with your Google Home, Nest, or even your internet, but with the type of package you have signed up for through your provider.

Restarting Your Router or Google Smart Speaker

When all else fails trying to connect your Google Home or Nest with your Wi-Fi, it's time to try and restart both your router and your device.

You'll need to consult your router's manual in order to properly restart the device. Normally, you can unplug it and plug it back in after waiting a few seconds. You can actually do the same for your Google Home to restart it, but you can also use the app.

By using the app you avoid any long-term damage that may be caused by a hard restart from unplugging and plugging the device back in.

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It may take up to a minute, but your device will restart automatically after you are finished with the process.

Only after trying all the methods outlined above should you move on to reset your Google Home, Nest, and internet router. A factory reset means losing any previous settings you had customized.

Because of this reason, it should be kept as a last resort to connect your Google Home or Nest with your Wi-Fi.

Resetting Google Home or Google Nest

Factory resetting your devices will return them to the same form as when you first purchased them. It's a way to completely start over from scratch and it's the last option you have to reconnect your Google Home and Nest with your Wi-Fi.

Depending on the type of Google Home device you have, there are different ways to factory reset them.

Google Home: Press and hold the microphone mute button for 15 seconds

Google Home Mini: Press and hold the FDR circle button for 15 seconds

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Google Home Max: Press and hold the FDR button near the power cord for 15 seconds

Google Home Hub: Press and hold both volume buttons for 10 seconds

Google Nest Mini: Turn off the microphone and press the center button for at least 5 seconds

Contact Google Support

When none of the methods outlined in this article work, it's time to contact Google Support to see what they can do. Fill out the online form with as descriptive a message as possible to get the best help.

Make sure that when you fill out the form you mention all of the ways you have tried to troubleshoot the issue. This will help the team get up to speed on helping you.

Fixing a Google Home or Nest That's Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

There are many different reasons why your Google Home or Nest would have trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi. Internet issues, bandwidth problems, and changed internet passwords could all be the source of your problems.

Once your Google Home or Nest is reconnected you can use it to stay entertained and try out some new games.

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