Echo speakers from Amazon are best known for the Alexa voice assistant on offer. However, it needs WiFi to work, which may disappoint users who have Echo Dot or other Echo speakers but not an active WiFi connection. Thankfully, all Echo devices come with Bluetooth functionality which you can use to play music or audio from your phone. Here’s how you can use your Echo Alexa device as a Bluetooth speaker without WiFi or internet. Read on.

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Use Alexa Echo Device as a Bluetooth Speaker Without WiFi or Internet

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  • Wrapping Up- Use Alexa As a Bluetooth Speaker
  • So, you bought a new Amazon Echo device but didn’t have an active WiFi connection at the moment? Or has your WiFi plan expired yet you want to use Alexa to play music over Bluetooth? Do not worry; here’s everything right, from setting up Alexa from scratch to pairing it to your phone’s Bluetooth.

    Before we start, if you have already paired your Echo device with your phone’s Bluetooth, then you do not need these steps. Turn it on, and it will automatically connect to your phone’s Bluetooth. If not, connect manually from the phone’s Bluetooth menu.

    [Working] Use Alexa Echo Device as a Bluetooth Speaker Without WiFi

    After the device is set up, say Alexa to ensure it’s up and working.

    Alexa will say “Playing from ” to notify that it’s connected to your phone.

    Now that Alexa is successfully paired with your phone’s Bluetooth, you can disable your phone’s WiFi hotspot. The Echo device will keep paired with your phone to play music over Bluetooth. Once you’re done, you can disconnect it from your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

    The Echo device will automatically connect to your phone every time you turn it on, even if it’s not connected to WiFi. If it doesn’t, simply open Bluetooth settings on your phone and tap your Echo from the list of paired devices.

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    All Echo devices come with AUX ports to connect external speakers. However, Echo Dot, Spot, Show, and Auto do not have aux inputs. Only the Echo 3rd gen, Echo Plus, and Echo Studio have aux inputs.

    This means while you can connect it to external speakers, you cannot use your phone to play audio via AUX cable on your Echo Dot or other incompatible Echo devices. I tried doing so with my Echo Dot, and it did not work for obvious reasons.

    The Amazon Echo devices need to be plugged into a wall outlet all the time. Without power, the Alexa device will not switch on or work. However, you do have some options to use Alexa devices without power.

    Amazon sells a portable version called Echo Input which comes with a built-in 4800mAh battery to listen to music. But if you already have an Echo or Echo Dot, you can use portable third-party battery bases available on Amazon to run Echo on battery.

    Again, you’d need WiFi to make use of Alexa (unless you want to use it only as a Bluetooth speaker). In that case, you can connect it to your phone’s WiFi hotspot. If power cuts are the reason, you can get a mini UPS for your WiFi router. Links are given below.

    Wrapping Up- Use Alexa As a Bluetooth Speaker

    This was a quick guide on how you can use your Echo Alexa device as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone without WiFi or an internet connection. I hope this helps you use your Echo speaker to enjoy music when you do not have active WiFi connectivity. Anyways, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for more.

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