The range of bulbs is decent and the Trust Smart WiFi Lighting range is excellent value, too. Compatibility with the Smart Life system expands what these bulbs can do, working alongside smart devices from lots of other manufacturers. Colour reproduction isn’t very good and there are no physical controls, making these bulbs a better choice if you’re only after one or two smart bulbs.




Key Features


Better known for its PC and AV accessories, Trust has expanded into the smart home market with its Smart WiFi Lighting products. A good range of bulbs at low prices make these bulbs an attractive option. You can use the Trust app, although the more comprehensive Smart Life app is better.

However, for all of the features on offer, these bulbs don’t dim that far and colour reproduction isn’t great. If you want one or two bulbs, they’re a good choice – but if you’re looking to replace multiple bulbs then look elsewhere.

Design and Installation

If there’s one thing that would put me off buying into a smart lighting system, it would be a lack of range of bulbs. Fortunately, the Trust Smart WiFi Lighting doesn’t fall into that trap, with bulbs available for B22, E27, E14 and GU10 light fittings. This covers most of the bulb fittings you’d find in your average home.

Trust doesn’t have dedicated light fittings or plug-in LED strips, so the rival WiZ Smart Lighting system is better if you need a wider range of lights.

Trust sells its bulbs in colour or temperature changing formats, although the price doesn’t vary much between the two, so I’d opt for the colour option. They’re designed to last for 15,000 hours, which is more than five years assuming each bulb is used for eight hours per day.

Lights have millions of colours and a temperature range between 1800K (warm) and 6500K (cold).

Trust Smart WiFi Lighting Review

If you want something a bit more stylish, there’s the filament bulb, which looks and acts like an old-fashioned bulb. It has temperature adjustment, too, which gives it a little more flexibility than the equivalent Philips Hue option.

Since these bulbs use Wi-Fi, there’s no need for a hub to get them working; they’ll connect directly to your router. You can connect the bulbs to the Trust app, but the bulbs are compatible with the Smart Life app, too. I recommend using the latter, as you can combine Trust kit with other smart devices, including products from TCP and Hey!.

There are no physical remote controls for these lights, so you’re limited to using the app or voice control.


Whether you use the Trust app or Smart Life, you get the same interface for controlling your lights. For each bulb, you can adjust its brightness, colour or temperature, and toggle the light on and off. The controls are a little basic, but easy enough to work out.

You also get a set of scenes (both static and dynamic) from the provided list. Scenes can be edited, but I couldn’t find a way of creating one from scratch. This is where Philips Hue is much better.

Elsewhere, it’s possible to set a timer for when you want your light to turn on or off, either repeating or running once. The option is basic, but could be handy if you want a light – say, one in a porch – to come on and off a set time.

There’s no control over how a bulb operates when it’s turned off, and via the wall switch bulbs turn on with their last setting. With WiZ, you can set the default on and off behaviour, and even cycle through scenes by turning a light on and off.

More powerfully, you can create Automations in the Smart Life app to control lights automatically. They can be environmental, such as sunset or sunrise, or when another device is controlled – say, a camera picking up motion could turn on a Trust bulb.

You can connect the bulbs to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and there’s an IFTTT service, too.


Testing the bulbs, I put the B22 colour light through its paces. I found that it was extremely bright, particularly at the 6500K setting. If you’re looking for a smart light to replace an existing bulb, then this range will do just that.

The bulbs don’t have a very good minimum level, however; other smart bulbs will dim further to create a more cozy environment.

Switching to colour I wasn’t that impressed, and the bulb lacks the colour intensity of its Hue and WiZ rivals. Reds can look quite washed out, looking more pink. I found that blues were a little more purple than I wanted, and greens were good but lacked the intensity of rivals.

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Should you buy it?

If you want one or two budget Wi-Fi bulbs, then the Trust range here is good – and compatibility with Smart Life is useful.

If you want the best colour reproduction or you want to use physical controls, then look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Trust offers a good range of smart bulbs, with models that will fit all common light fittings in the UK. The price is good, too, and compatibility with Smart Life means you can integrate these bulbs with a huge range of other products.

If you want one or two smart bulbs then these are a good budget option, but I found that colour reproduction wasn’t great. If you want multiple smart bulbs or physical remote controls, the WiZ Smart Lighting range is a great budget alternative, while Philips Hue remains the best overall choice.

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How do the Trust Smart WiFi Lighting bulbs connect?

They use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

What bulb options are available for the Trust Smart WiFi Lighting system?

You can get B22, E27, E14 and GU10 bulbs in both temperature- and colour-changing formats.

Full specs