Has it ever happened to you? Youchanged your mobile phone and now wanted to transfer all the data from the oldmobile to a new one. You successfully transferred the data now only one thingwas remaining. Transferring your WhatsApp chat history. Then only the epiphanydawned upon you and said you can’t transfer the chat history as your new phoneruns on another operating system than your previous phone? Yes, we are sure youhave also experienced the same problem. Now after so many years, the high lordsin the office of Whatsapp have heard your cry and they are tweaking theirsystems so that you can transfer your chat history, hassle-free!

Now, transfer your chat history within different Operating Systems

Whatsapp has introduced a newfeature that will soon become available to users of both iOS and Androiddevices, which will enable them to move their WhatsApp voice notes, photos, andconversations securely between devices while switching between different mobileoperating systems.

Transfer Whatsapp Chats Between iPhone & Android Phones: New Whatsapp Update You Should Know

According to sources, WhatsApp appeared to be working on integration into Android’s built-in transfer app, the Google Data Transfer Tool, which lets users transfer their files from one Android device to another, or switch from iOS to Android and vice versa.

For using this feature, WhatsAppusers will have to connect their old and new devices via a USB-C to Lightningcable and launch Smart Switch. After that, the new phone will prompt you toscan a QR code using your old phone and export your WhatsApp history. Forcompleting the transfer, you’ll have to sign into WhatsApp on the new deviceand import the messages.

Watershed moment, it might be!

Building such a feature was not asmall task, as messages across its service are end-to-end encrypted by defaultand stored on users’ devices. Because of this, the creation of a tool to movechat history between operating systems required additional work from both WhatsAppas well as the operating system and device manufacturers, for making theprocess run in a secure way.

Sandeep Paruchuri, product managerat WhatsApp, said, “Your WhatsApp messages belong to you. That’s why they arestored on your phone by default, and not accessible in the cloud-like manyother messaging services.”

“We’re excited for the first timeto make it easy for people to securely transfer their WhatsApp history from oneoperating system to another. This has been one of our most requested featuresfrom users for years and we worked together with operating systems and devicemanufacturers to solve it,” he added further.