When the world failed us, TikTok saved the day. Over the past couple of years, the short-form video platform skyrocketed in popularity as many of us (1 billion to be exact) turned to the app for a dose of inspiration and laughs when life itself was crumbling. For me, an e-commerce writer with a weak constitution, that meant tons of retail therapy.

Viral products are nothing new, but if Instagram influencers and YouTubers wrote the rules, TikTok wrote the book. A life-changing product that only costs $10 and is on Amazon and arrives tomorrow and I don't have to leave my couch? Say less. The thing with those internet impulse buys, though, is you're just as likely to end up disappointed with another piece of—let's be honest—junk cluttering your home as you are to have your "life changed" for the better. There've been a few wins and many losses, but one TikTok purchase that I will sing praises of forever is the Kasa Smart lightbulb.

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My lease ran up during the pandemic and I moved into a new apartment that checked most of my boxes. I wasn't able to see the place in person first (2020, y'all...), but luckily the only surprise came in the form of bad lighting. Lamps helped, but the space didn't reach its full potential until the day I discovered the Kasa Smart lightbulbs. If you've come across interior design TikTok, you've probably seen lighting hacks like LED strips and sunset lamps. Those are great and all, but my real discovery with the Kasa bulbs was the actual life-changing qualities of ambient lighting, which not only transformed the look of my space and set a killer mood, but also reduced eye strain, helped me focus, and even regulated my sleep. These bulbs were exactly what my apartment (and I) needed.

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This Viral TikTok Lightbulb Will Make Your Lighting Dreams Come True

For starters, the Kasa bulbs are a breeze to install. Twist one into a light socket as you would any other bulb, then install the Kasa app on your smartphone and connect them to Wi-Fi. This is where the real fun begins.

You control the bulbs via the Kasa app—turn the lights on and off without walking to the light switch (in other words, perfect for when you're falling asleep at night). Brightness and temperature are also customizable: brightness is adjusted using a sliding scale and temperature ranges from a deep warm white (2500K) to a cool white that mimics natural light (6500K). In addition to that wide range of whites, there are infinite color options using the in-app color wheel. Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow help you relax while cool colors like blue and green heighten the senses and boost energy.

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My favorite thing about these smart lightbulbs is they make spaces more versatile. If you live in an apartment and your workspace is also your living room and your dining room, you can change the lighting to best suit the different uses of the space. You can set schedules for your lights too, so they can turn on, adjust brightness, or change colors automatically throughout the day.Another great feature is grouping the lightbulbs—you can create room groups to control them all at once, without adjusting each bulb individually.


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Kasa also makes a host of other gadgets for your smart home. The LED light strips are great for small, dark spaces like closets or under cabinets. The brand even has smart plugs to control anything plugged into a regular outlet. All of their devices are compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, and last but certainly not least, you can monitor energy usage of any device in the app.

All that to say, you're one "add to cart" button away from lighting bliss. These bulbs were my best internet impulse purchase ever, and I don't say that lightly. (Sorry, had to.)

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