Please contact me with any questions, suggestions or concerns. I respond to every call or email that I receive. Currently office hours are by appointment.

Please shop in the borough anytime an opportunity arises. Huntingdon businesses are scattered all around town and offer friendly service and great products. Visitors often comment on how charming and welcoming Huntingdon is! They are amazed with the variety of businesses, services and products that we have to offer.

Mayfest is coming quickly, so plan to make a day of it. This event will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 30, in downtown Huntingdon. Each themed block will offer great food, entertainment and interesting items and crafts for sale. Linda DeArmitt, festival organizer, promises a great time will be had by all who attend. She is encouraging people to come in costume and celebrate the themes which include Colonial, Victorian, Fabulous 50s and Woodstock.

Homeowners can put items curbside April 8-10. We will not be collecting paint, televisions, electronics or tires. No items can be placed curbside after April 10. Pick-up will begin Monday, April 11. This is a great opportunity to get rid of junk and clutter from your property.

The borough’s new street sweeper will be arriving Wednesday, March 23. This important piece of equipment is essential to keeping Huntingdon looking clean and welcoming. Don’t forget to move your car when your street is scheduled to be cleaned!

There's a lot going on in Huntingdon

The state will be paving Route 26 in the borough this summer. The project is scheduled to begin sometime in June. The following streets are part of this project: Standing Stone Avenue, Second Street, and Penn Street. Along with the paving, there will be sidewalk improvements made. In addition, the borough will be paving other streets in town as well. There could be some traffic congestion during paving, so please be patient and understanding.

The traffic lights on Penn Street will be replaced very soon with new smart lights through a PennDOT grant called Green Light Go. This will help to keep traffic flowing and keep you moving in the right direction!

There will be a large water line replacement project on the 200 block of Penn Street, in the area in front of the courthouse, beginning shortly. This needs to be completed before the repaving of Route 26 in June. Again, we ask for your patience as we make improvements to our infrastructure.

There will be a bulk water fill site installed near the dog park in the Portstown area of the borough. A person can simply enter their Huntingdon water/sewer account number and then dispense as much water as needed.

Susquehanna Avenue project

Another PennDOT grant will be utilized for this project. Susquehanna Avenue will become a designated bike route in the Borough. It will become a two-way street open to both bicycles and motorized vehicles. All side streets connecting to Susquehanna will have a stop sign for any vehicle entering from there.

Yoder can be contacted at (814) 643-3966, ext. 122 or