Light Solutions has unveiled the Lightbee Zigbee Switch. The smart switch is compatible with Philips Hue technology, though it is not an official Friends of Hue device.

A key feature is its integrated button cells, making the switches easier to press and quieter. This mechanism differs from many other switches that use EnOcean technology to generate the energy required to transmit the signal without electrical power.

The Lightbee Zigbee Switch is a new smart light switch for Philips Hue

Instead, the Lightbee comes with an easily replaceable CR230 battery with eight-year battery life. The light switch is compact, measuring 1.7 x 1.7 x 0.-in ( xx 11 mm), and it comes with a 3M tape pad and screws for you to affix your switch to the wall.

The wireless device has four buttons, each of which can be configured to a range of 12 commands. These controls include on / off, turn the brightness up / down and mode selection. You can control the device through the Philips Hue app and third-party apps, including iConnectHue on iOS or HueEssentials on Android.

The Zigbee standard means that the gadget can connect to your bridge like other Friends of Hue devices from a distance of up to ~98 ft (30 m). You can buy the Lightbee Zigbee Switch for ~US$2 (~€38). An Amazon listing in Germany suggests that the device will soon be available for customers on this platform.

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