There are a ton of legacy G Suite accounts out there getting access to Google’s suite of apps for free. However, those days are numbered, as Google is finally killing off these grandfathered accounts and expecting these users to pay for Google Workspace on May 1, 2022.

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Google actually stopped offering free g Suite accounts back in 2012, but the company allowed tons of users to keep their free accounts active. Anyone with a custom domain could sign up for these accounts and access Gmail and most of Google’s tools. Google killing off these free accounts is sure to upset many users, but it’s hard to be upset about getting something for free for more than ten years.

Still Getting G Suite For Free? Get Ready to Pay Up

The terminated plans are called the “G Suite legacy free edition,” so if you’re using one of those accounts, you’ll need to move to Google Workspace (and start paying). If you want to go free, you can also get a standard account, though you’ll lose your custom domain and some other features G Suite used to offer.

If you choose not to go that way, Google will automatically upgrade subscriptions “based on the features you currently use” on May 1st (you’ll have to set up billing for that to happen, though). If you don’t upgrade, Google will suspend your account.


Google is also offering people who choose to upgrade a discount on a year of paid service, which is a nice peace offering. However, that’ll hardly compensate for the fact that some users have purchased all sorts of things on these accounts, and they may not want to start paying. Unfortunately, purchases and subscriptions won’t transfer to a free Gmail account, so users may have to upgrade to keep their stuff.

If you want to know more about this change, Google has a detailed FAQ up and running that’ll guide you through the transition process.

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