GE Lighting has rebranded its smart home line as Cync and launched a new campaign to show homeowners how connected technology today can make their lives more convenient, comfortable and safe by jumping back through history.

The humorous campaign by L&C for the brand that used to be called C by GE starts with a farmer and his wife in the early 1900s. The man hears a noise and jumps out of bed. The wife uses an out-of-place-and-time indoor camera and flood light to learn that it was just a chicken breaking into the home.

Skip forward to the 1950s and a family is seen using a smart thermostat to stay warm in the winter.

Jump ahead to the 1980s and a couple of women in very Jane Fonda-like workout gear are doing a routine to a VHS tape, when one woman decides that the room could use a little disco mood lighting powered by the Cync app.

All three spots end with the tagline “Back then, it would have been magical. Now, it’s just practical.”

“Our goal was to find a way to connect with consumers’ needs around safety, comfort and convenience that the Cync smart home family of products could solve,” said Rochelle Hartigan, marketing director, GE Lighting, in a statement. “This campaign concept provided a clever way to remind the audience of the long-time relationship with the GE brand while causing them to wonder how they ever lived without the Cync smart home system.”

“The well-known GE brand is the perfect vehicle to emphasize the practicality and ease of the new CYNC smart home products,” Gian Carlo Lanfranco, CCO and co-founder of L&C, formerly known as Lanfranco & Cordova, said in a statement. “Consumers have a fond association with this brand, and the campaign plays off the trust people have in GE in an entertaining, relatable way.”

The films were shot by The Colony’s David Gaddie.


Client: GE Lighting, a Savant company

Brand: CYNC

Marketing Director: Rochelle Hartigan

CYNC App Product Manager: Danielle Shrider

Brand Public Relations: Mary Ann Milo

Brand Consultant: Katharine Ricci

Agency: L&C New York

Chief Creative Officers: Rolando Cordova / Gian Carlo Lanfranco

Managing Director: Tara Levine

Smart Home Campaign for GE Lighting Travels Back in Time to Tout Modern Conveniences

Copywriter: Ana Lins / Greg Collins / Gian Carlo Lanfranco

Art Director: Rolando Cordova / Ana Lins

Executive Producer: Camden Elizabeth / Oscar Thomas

Consumer Insights & Strategy: Rachel Eden

Head of Innovation: Jayson Fittipaldi

Production Company: The Colony / Open Flame

Director: David Gaddie

Executive Producer: Andrew Swee

Line Producer: Mark Krumper

Production Designer: JT Camp

Post Production / VFX / Edit / Color: Afterparty VFX

Post Producer: Joe Durkin

Editor: JP Cadaveira

Colorist: Anastasia Cipolla

Motion Graphics Designer: Shruti Ashok

VFX: Brendan Fitzgerald

Assistant Editor: Kogan Lee

Music + Sound: Squeak E. Clean Studios

Senior Sound Designer + Mixer: Stuart St. Vincent Welch

Senior Post Producer: Angelina Phengphong