Smart lLighting specialist Signify was, along with a big chunk of the tech industry, conspicuous with its absence at CES 2022 earlier this month; but we haven't had to wait long for some juicy new Philips Hue launches.

As is becoming tradition, the new year Hue launches are focused on outdoor options with the Inara, Lucca, Resonate and Calla exterior lights all going live.

Starting with the Inara (main image, above) and it brings Hue's retro-tastic smart filament lighting outside for the first time (officially, at least).

It's a black vintage-style lantern that goes on the wall, offering that Edison-style design and warm whites to your garden or driveway.

The Lucca (above) is a more modern looking Hue outdoor wall light, with multi-color options on offer from the sleek, round shape and modern black band design.

Signify expands outdoor Philips Hue smart lighting range

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The final wall-focused arrival is the revamped Resonate (below), which provides triangles of colored light from a fairly standard looking rectangular wall light.

The fourth new Hue outdoor arrival is the new bollard-style Calla - designed to fit around garden paths or flower beds.

At around 10 inches tall, there's color and white light on offer from the stainless steel bollards and they are powered by the Philips Hue Low-volt system. You can use your existing one if you already have one in place.

Finally, Signify used the launch announcement to tease some nifty new features heading towards the Hue app in Q1.

Candle and Fireplace effects will hit the app soon, "mimicking the gentle glowing of natural candlelight or a cozy fireplace to set the mood for a romantic dinner or a relaxing evening on the sofa."

We're told they work best with the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip, gradient light tube, gradient Signe table or floor lamp.