OPPO unveiled its inaugural in-house chipset as the MariSilicon X during its Inno Day 2021 event. It has been introduced as an NPU, albeit with additional ISP and memory subsystem functions. The OEM touts it as capable of delivering "incredible" AI performance at "stunning" power efficiency. Now, a leaker claims that its power is enough to propel the Find X-line flagship devices to the top of their market.

OPPO's new NPU can push mid-range smartphone specs to flagship levels: new leak

The tipster Mobile Chipset Masters claims that OPPO has commissioned a total of 60 million MariSilicon X units; therefore, the company could integrate it into quite a number of 2022 handsets. The leaker goes on to say that they could well include non-premium models, if the OEM wanted.

This is because the 6nm NPU, combined with a mid-range Qualcomm chipset, can apparently rival the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Dimensity 9000 top-end processors. Therefore, as the Find X Pro for one is slated to run on the 8 Gen 1, it and the MariSilicon X could prove a winning combination.

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