The Nintendo Switch OLED has finally arrived, and that means you can enjoy your favorite games on a brighter screen with punchier colors. However, to ensure you don’t lose any of your saved data from your old console, you’re going to need to know how to transfer profile and save data to your Nintendo Switch OLED, and that’s where this guide will come in handy.

Transferring Your Nintendo Switch Data to Your New Switch OLED

Transferring Animal Crossing New Horizons Island to Nintendo Switch OLED

While the above process works for pretty much every game, there’s of course one exception in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Nintendo Switch OLED: How to Transfer Profile & Save Data from Your Old Console

To transfer your island, you’ll need to download the ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Transfer Tool’ on both your old and OLED Switch’s. This can be done any time, whether you’ve already transferred your data to the new Switch or not.

Once this has been downloaded, boot it up on your old Nintendo Switch and select ‘Continue,’ ‘Ok,’ and ‘Let’s Begin.’

After that, select the ‘Source’ option, as we did in the process above, and then select ‘Continue.’

Now follow the same process on your OLED Nintendo Switch, but select the ‘Target’ option instead of ‘Source,’ as this is where we want to move our island data too.

Click ‘Proceed’ on both consoles and they should find one another. Once they do, confirm that you want to the transfer to take place by hitting ‘Transfer Data’ and wait for it to complete.

If you’ve no longer got your old Nintendo Switch, then there’s one last option you have. If you’re a Nintendo Online subscriber and have enabled the Island Cloud Backup option, you can still recover your old island.

To do this, you’re going to need to load up Animal Crossing New Horizons on your OLED Switch, and then when you have the white Nintendo and Nintendo Switch logos appear in the corners of the screen, press and hold the + and – buttons on your Joy-Con.

If you do this right, Tom Nook will appear and check online for Island Backup data. At this point, you’ll then need to get in contact with Nintendo, as without them processing bits on their end, he won’t find anything.

That’s everything you need to know on how to transfer profile and saved data to your Nintendo Switch OLED. For more handy tips and tricks on everything video games, be sure to keep it locked to Twinfinite.